Petition to Restore Parole in Virginia
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Petition to Restore Parole in Virginia

    1. Lindsay Michie
    2. Petition by

      Lindsay Michie

      Lynchburg, VA

Since 1995, a year after the Virginia Assembly passed legislation to abolish parole, Virginia has built thirteen new prisons and many new jails even as the crime rate has declined. The money spent building new prisons to house those serving long sentences could be better used in three ways: to fund rehabilitative programs for inmates in the prisons, to fund re-entry programs for those leaving prison, and to fund education in Virginia to prevent children from going to prison.


The fact that the state of Virginia only spends approximately $10,597 a year per student in public schools, and $25,129 per year per inmate in prison, demonstrates that state officials entrusted with the duty and responsibility of fulfilling their accountability to the public have neglected the serious needs of the commonwealth.






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    2. Decision-maker Jennifer McClellan responds:

      Jennifer McClellan

      Dear Constituents -

      Thank you for contacting me to share you concerns regarding parole and time served of inmates. Like you, I also share many of the same concerns. As the 2013 session draws near, I will keep your comments in mind as ...

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    Reasons for signing

    • Danielle Williams PORTSMOUTH, VA
      • about 1 hour ago

      My husband is Lawrenceville correctional center

    • Curtis Harrison COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA
      • about 21 hours ago

      I'm signing this petition because there are to many people who are locked away for crimes that they can do some time for then enter into society and be productive citizens. I have relatives and friends that have been locked away for over 10 to 15 years. Many of the people who are locked away don't have serious crimes on there records. The ones that do have serious crimes that caused their incarceration are first time offenders. Many of the young men that have been locked away have no chance to see a normal life because of one mistake. Is it your job to control society by locking people up and forgetting that they exist? I thought that jail was a place in which a person spends time so they can reflect on their mistakes and return to society as a better person? Where is the rehabilitation for the people who are locked away? Why can't there be a second chance? No ones perfect in this world,people need second chances.

    • kadorrie Smith PETERSBURG, VA
      • 1 day ago

      I'm signing this for my uncle Harrison Smith.

    • teresa parrish SOUTH BOSTON, VA
      • 1 day ago

      I would like to see people who have spent over ten years or more have a chance to come out and better them selves

    • Glen allen HAMPTON, VA
      • 1 day ago

      it makes sense


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