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Petition to Recall the Entire US Congress

    1. Ian Merritt
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      Ian Merritt

      Austin, TX

With an approval rating of 5%, we have the most disapproved of US Congress in American history? How long must we wait to do something? Since people tend to dislike Congress as a whole, but like their own district's representative, the best solution would be to recall the entire body and replace them in a special and unprecedented election. We need to take back our Republic!

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    • vivian vasseaux TIBURON, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Congress was installed to REPRESENT the Publics messages BEFORE they had the INTERNET...now they don't need Congress for that function and Congress no longer respresents the Public, it only represents its own members. The Public can now forward their message via Internet, just as this site is facilitating.


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