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Petition to Preserve the Australian Way
  • Petitioned The Australian Parliament Canberra

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The Australian Parliament Canberra

Petition to Preserve the Australian Way

    1. Lisa-Maree Kennedy
    2. Petition by

      Lisa-Maree Kennedy

      Glendenning, Australia

Our diggers are DYING in a country not their own, for a war they did not choose to fight, while these people are over here inciting violence and hatred in a country that has allowed, and in some cases funded them to build churches, schools, businesses, celebrate holidays, and carry out religious practices. And why? Because that’s the beautiful thing about Australia. We don't care what, or who you worship. We might think you’re mad for wearing a Burqua in our heat, we may not understand how the religion works, but we don’t want Muslims dead because of it.
All we ask is that our culture, values, traditions, religions, and way of life be respected too. This does not happen. Our children are not allowed to celebrate their religious holidays in school because it offended the Muslim religion. Our women are degraded for not wearing a burqua, and in our own country, on our own streets, a Muslim woman gleefully corrupts another generation that could be taught tolerance by having them hold a sign calling for the murder of non-Muslims, slapping the face of a country she has only been in for 2 years. That. Insults. us.
While such things as murder and terror may be the norm where these people come from this is not the norm here, and it is time to stand up and let our voices be heard, to send the strongest message possible that these people CHOSE to come here and their behaviour is unacceptable. If you are an extremist then you are not welcome here.
On September 11, millions watched the second plane fly into the world trade centre. We will take whatever steps we can to prevent something like this happening here, to show these people that violence is not the answer and it is not welcome in this country. This petition calls for Extremists who preach hate and incite violence, and are calling for the murder of non-Muslims to be charged either under S80.1AA, or S80.2 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code 1995 and deported, and our way of life returned to us, where OUR culture, values, religions and traditions are upheld for our future generations. We will no longer sit in silence and we will no longer live in fear. Let’s stand as one and make our voices heard! If you agree, please sign this petition.

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    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • over 1 year ago

      Europe and Australia have hospitably accommodated in their countries a lot of help-seeking Muslims. Now have Europe and Australia a huge security problem and also still an acute danger of terrorism. To ensure the safety of democratic countries, worldwide must be taken very fast political and legal steps . We must to protect our children and our democratic future.

    • debra mckay AUSTRALIA
      • over 1 year ago

      Firstly our diggers come to mind, how insulting for them that they fought for a muslim society to take over..i am Aussie. I want to stay that way!!

    • Ashley Dunn SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA
      • over 1 year ago

      Straya Mate!!!!

    • Simon Woods AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      When i was younger i grew up like most other australian kids, i want it preserved for my kids and their future kids so nothing is lost.

    • Kirsty McArthur REVESBY, AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Sick of Australia being abused by these people!


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