Petition to fire Patti Mercer and investigate Houston SPCA
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Petition to fire Patti Mercer and investigate Houston SPCA

    1. cindy marabito
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      cindy marabito

      Austin, United States

Because the Houston SPCA is a non profit funded solely by donations, the organization is above providing kill numbers so the public can be made aware of how many animals are being euthanized at this facility.

According to the Mayor's Task Force Report, Houston SPCA kills 65% of the animals that it takes in. 

In 2011, House Bill 3450 was introduced by Rep. Jessica Farrar to try and save lives, ban cruel shelter gas chambers, ban breed discriminatory shelter adoption policies and ban the practic of killing healthy adoptable animals 'for space' when cages sit empty'.

Patti Mercer and HSPCA board member Martha Seng met privately with Rep. Farrar.

Shortly afterward, HB 3450 died as have countless Texas animals which could have been saved.

No one will ever know what threats were made during that meeting because the Houston SPCA seems to be above the law in every respect. The IRS which deems non profit status specifically states no excessive lobbying by 501(c)(3). 

Are Patti Mercer and the Houston SPCA beyond all reproach?

Please sign this petition and demand the dismissal of Patti Mercer along with a full investigation of the facility and records.

What if they get your pet? It is time to stop the killing.




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      cindy marabito
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      We have achieved 1358 signatures from people who wish to see a change at the Houston SPCA. Please share the petition and let's stop the killing at HSPCA!

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    • Lani Pawlowski BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA
      • 3 days ago

      Because she is not experienced in animal behaviour and their personalities also needs to educate herself in animinal behaviour before takeing on thst position in makeing life and desth decisions of a familys beloved pet that has not harmed anyone..

    • yvonne Castillo SPRING, TX
      • 4 days ago

      She needs to be euthanized

    • Celeste Gray TOMBALL, TX
      • 4 days ago

      Advocate for "bully breed" type dogs. The fact that the Houston SPCA euthanizes based on breed is atrocious. Shame on them. I will never support an organization that kills based on Breed

    • David Smith SUGAR LAND, TX
      • 7 days ago

      Why is this important to me? Common sense tells me I shouldn't even have to answer that.

    • Teresa Rock CLEVELAND, TX
      • 11 days ago

      The animals need someone to care for.


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