Petition the Government to Protect the Atmosphere for the Youngest Generation
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Petition the Government to Protect the Atmosphere for the Youngest Generation

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      Kids vs Global Warming

We are not just raising our voices in the streets, we are raising our voices in court. We, the youngest generation, are taking legal action to get our governments to protect the atmosphere for our future.  Youth have filed legal action in every state and federally in the US and in the Ukraine.  Plans to file suits in Uganda, Canada, Pakistan, India and Australia are in place.  Youth plaintiffs standing up to their governments to hold them accountable to protect the atmosphere as a public trust for future generations.    

Whether you are from the United States or not, your voices matter.  The US is blocking significant international and national action to reduce our fossil fuel use needed to restore balance in our atmosphere.  We can break through!  Already a Texas court has agreed that the atmosphere is part of the public trust, deserving protection.

Sign on here to help support this effort as a FRIEND OF THE COURT!

The iMatter TRUST legal action requires the Federal Government to prepare and adopt a climate recovery plan that reduces emissions by 6% per year in order to restore CO2 balance in the atmospheric by the end of the century.   

Sign on and you’ll be added to the brief.  We will keep you informed about the progress of our cases!

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    1. Texas Judge Rules the Atmosphere is part of the Public Trust!

      This is good news! All we needed was ONE judge to make a formal ruling, including the atmosphere as part of the public trust, deserving protection for future generations. And Judge Triana of the Texas Circuit Court did just that last week. New Mexico District Court Judge, Sarah Singleton denied the NM government's Motion to that means their case will move forward! The federal Judge Wilkins sided with the fossil fuel lobbyists and the US Government and dismissed the federal case, but we filed a Motion to Reconsider and will appeal all the way to the Supreme Court to be heard.

      Thank you for signing this petition. We will submit it as an Amicus brief once the case is officially in the Appeals process. Please sign and forward to your friends. It WILL make a difference for the court to see thousands of people around the world are counting on a fair chance to protect the planet for our future.

      Thank you, Alec Loorz and the iMatter team

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    3. Sage Fox, an Oregon 7th grader, writes an op-ed: 'With iMatter, kids have stepped in where adults failed'

    4. Kids and Moms Take to the Streets this Mother's Day Weekend

      This Mother's Day weekend and into next week, kids and their moms will march together all across the country and all across the world to demand politicians protect the Earth for the next generation.
      The iMatter March will mark a moment when the next...

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    6. ACTION: When you sign the petition, please take an extra minute to add a personalized message that tells your story about why climate change matters to you. Also, tell a little about yourself!

    7. Meet the 16-Year-Old Who is Suing the U.S. Government

      Editor's Note: What follows is a guest post from Alec Loorz, the 16-year-old visionary of the iMatter campaign and founder of Kids vs Global Warming. A climate change activist since he was 12 years old, he has spoken to nearly 200,000 people in over...

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    9. Alec Loorz: 'Why I'm Suing the Government of the United States':

    10. It's almost Mother's Day, when the iMatter March will take place. Make sure you leave a comment when you sign this, and consider attending a march event:

    11. Reached 500 signatures
    12. This Mother's Day, Youth Will March to Demand Action on Climate Change

      Whatever your age, the world's inaction in combating global warming is frustrating.
      But for kids, doubly so. This is the "future generation" that academics and politicians so often speak of in the abstract when they talk about climate change. It is...

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    Reasons for signing

    • Danielle Balowski WARREN, MI
      • almost 2 years ago

      Great job, I am proud to support a cause started by our future leaders. Maybe the rest of us should take a little advice from the kids.

    • Bobbie Campbell KINGSLAND, GA
      • almost 2 years ago

      To ensure that our childrens children, will have an Earth that will be liveable in their future.

    • Newman Clarke PASADENA, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I care about all living things and believe an altruistic life is the only path to a future for humans.

      • almost 2 years ago

      weil alle Dinge miteinander verbunden sind und ich ein Teil des Lebens bin, der für die Zukunft des Lebens verantwortlich ist.

    • Janet Suveges BURGAW, NC
      • almost 2 years ago

      I just did a college paper on the effects of global warming and until I researched the net I didn't realize how real global warming & the greenhouse gases were. The ways to possibly eliminate the ongoing problems is absolutely mind boggling to say the least. I for one am going to my part and I hope you will too.

      Thank you;

      Janet Suveges


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