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Petition the D.E.A. to remove all cannabis/marijuana from Scheduling!

    1. rev brandon baker
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      rev brandon baker

      nunn, CO

     We the medical marijuana community, family, friends & supporters of all cannabis; ask you to tell the Attorney General of CO, John W. Suthers to petition the DEA to remove cannabis/marijuana from schedule I, and all scheduling, as it is there illegally by wording.      Until it gets the legal tests for scheduling, it shall remain unscheduled, as He Is our (the legal citizens of Colorado) legal adviser and the protector of OUR state's constitution and its citizens.  Pass this message to the Attorney General of Colorado 

   PLEASE JOHN, will you grant us our freedom and start the real introduction of MEDICAL MARIJUANA, and stop all the madness, by simply telling the DEA to do their job through your rescheduling petition?!

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