Petition Against Homophobia - Fight Adshel's discrimination!
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Elvira Lodewick

Petition Against Homophobia - Fight Adshel's discrimination!

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      Adam Johnson

      Melbourne, Australia

Michael James appeared in a series of ads promoting safe sex - now those ads have been pulled thanks to conservative christian lobby group the ACL. Here's what Michael has to say:

"In 2011 my partner and I were selected to appear in an advertisement for QAHC (Queensland Association of Healthy Communities – The picture you see on this event is the final product. The aim of this campaign is to promote safe sex for gay men, but also for the wider community. We also felt that this campaign and the exposure these advertisements granted would help gain a wider level of acceptance of the gay community. The image displays not only love and tenderness; you can clearly see our engagement ring and the Christian cross which Anthony wears around his neck. We are real people, and this campaign is about real people. We have been together for six and a half years, we've been engaged since August last year, and just last week we were approved to become foster parents, which will now be happening very soon. We are real people, with a real life, in real love. 

This evening, Adshel, the company that distributed our ads to bus shelters across Brisbane, have WITHOUT the consent of QAHC, removed all of our advertisements. This has been due to Wendy Francis and The Australian Christian Lobby Group. Adshel has bowed to BLATANT homophobia and in 2011 there is NO PLACE FOR THIS. To read the complaints, visit:

Take a stand and, sign the petition, and demand that the adverts be put back up in their original locations."

Let's stand with Michael - sign the petition now!

Elvira Lodewick, Marketing Director, Adshel
Contact, Contact
I'm appalled at the homophobic decision to pull the Rip and Roll campaign advertising.

I'm standing for a tolerant Australia - reinstate the ads now!

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    • Nathan Frick KARRATHA, AUSTRALIA
      • over 3 years ago

      I am a Christian, and I personally don't buy into this homophobia crap. Love is love, life is life and I just can't see God hating that. The ACL are nothing short of bigots and Adshel should be ashamed of themselves. Good luck Michael, and all the best to yourself and Anthony.

    • cil phelps THORNBURY, VI
      • over 3 years ago

      i jut heard adds had been re-instated.

      good for you!@

      • over 3 years ago

      I have many Gay friends who are in committed realationships and they are some of the most gorgeous and loving realtionships i have seen, who cares what the gender of the person is. Love is for everyone and this poster is a beautiful recognition of it.

    • Jennifer Smith BRUNSWICK, AUSTRALIA
      • over 3 years ago

      Homophobia belongs in the history books. Not our current news stories.


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