Peters Township School District: Approve our existing band directors and sponsors
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Peters Township School District: Approve our existing band directors and sponsors

    1. Chase Maszle
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      Chase Maszle

      McMurray, PA

Our organization wouldn't be the way it is today without our wonderful directors. We are requesting all of our directors and sponsors of the past 2012-2013 year continue to be staffed for the 2013-2014 school year.

Without their knowledge, expertise, and care to details, the marching band students would not be as successful as they have become. Our directors and sponsors have helped us grow to become one of the most impact driven organizations in Peters Township.

Our directors and sponsors mean a lot to us, and the marching band could not function without them. In the years that they have served, they have always done their job respectfully, always wanted what is best for the students, and continue to keep the utmost positive attitude towards band.

The vision of pride and excellence that our directors, Mr. Barney, Mrs. Fox, Mrs. Blasso, Mr. and Mrs. Strangis, and Ms. Roach have, will continue to carry the "Mighty Indian" Marching Band in a positive direction, like they have for the past several years.

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    2. Peters Township School Board Approves Certain Directors

      Chase Maszle
      Petition Organizer

      UPDATE (29 May 2013):

      After great community support at the PTSD Special Board meeting on the evening of May 29, most all of the band directors have been approved for next year.

      Although, we may not be done. Beloved retiree of 38 years, Mrs. Fox, did not appear on the board agenda at all. Mrs. Fox was originally requesting to be a temporary staff co-director throughout band camp and into a little bit of the band season to help get everyone on their feet. Though Mrs. Fox chose to do this because of her love for the band, not necessarily because she felt she wasn't able to leave the organization on its own.

      After Mrs. Fox served 38 wonderful years, the board did not disclose the exact reason she was not on the list, though this issue is still in development.

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    4. Decision-maker Sandra Gregg responds:

      Sandra Gregg

      No worry, they will be approved Wed. night.-Sandy G.

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    • jensen sprenkel GREENVILLE, OH
      • over 1 year ago

      Music in humanity is very important. It shows what cannot be said, and we feel what cannot be touched. Studies show that musicians like to be challenged and therefore do better testing on average. Please don't take away the band program. You have no idea how much it means to the musicians of your school and even outside the school.

    • Melanie Bleiweis VENETIA, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      Every kid needs a place in hs. the band and squads are an important part of it. I was silks captain in high school..Please renew the band directors. I would like to see the band get out their military style though and have baton twirlers and gun twirler to give the band some more depth. There are a lot of good twirlers from Ruby Daughterty dance studio. Please renew the staff and sponsors. Being part of this group, you need the expert directors which obviously they have.

    • Rachel Aurin VENETIA, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      Our directors are the ones that teach us the love for music and inspire us to follow our dreams. Without Mr. Barney and Mrs. Fox, we wouldn't be where we are today.

    • Cate McGaughey DALLAS, TX
      • over 1 year ago

      I love band so much. I can't imagine loosing it!! I hope everything works out.

    • Bri Mueller N/A, NE
      • over 1 year ago

      Marching band is the most amazing thing in the entire world


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