Pet Pardons Pay Operation Sled Dogs Their $!
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Pet Pardons Pay Operation Sled Dogs Their $!

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Pet Pardons and Jeromie Williams are shamefully not paying a rescue $2180.84 of ChipIn funds raised on their behalf. On March 27th 2012 Pet Pardons, a Facebook app and advertising website supposedly formed to help save pets, organized and raised $6180.84 via a ChipIn for a group called "Operation Sled Dogs". OSD is comprised of animal advocates concerned with saving sled dogs from being "culled" or killed by commercial sledders and whose goal is to rehome the dogs instead. Thus far OSD has saved 25 huskies slated to be killed, even though the refusal of Pet Pardons to turn over the money raised on their behalf made this much more difficult and almost cost the dogs their lives. Saving, fostering, transporting and caring for these huskies is extremely expensive. Jeromie Williams Director of Pet Pardons Canada contacted and convinced OSD to allow Pet Pardons to assist their efforts with a ChipIn. Pet Pardons has turned over $4000 only after the rescue started going public with this alleged scam but refuses to pay OSD the rest totaling $2180.84 stating that Pet Pardons did not organize this ChipIn but rather their Director of Canada Pet Pardons, Jeromie Williams did so using his personal Paypal account and that he alone is responsible to pay the rescue. That is not acceptable, the ChipIn states it is organized by Pet Pardons and Jeromie Williams organized this ChipIn within his role as Director. Pet Pardons promoted this ChipIn on their Facebook page. Jeromie Williams refuses to turn over the rest of the money he raised on behalf of this rescue to them. In any event Jeromie Williams should not be allowed to keep this money raised under the guise of going to a rescue! This is not the first time Jeromie Williams/Pet Pardons has been accused of a ChipIn fraud but let's make it the last. but let's make it the last. Just as outrageous Jeromie Williams has called a rescue member at 11 pm at night making ominous scary threats regarding this ChipIn. You can listen to part of that here. . Tell Pet Pardons to pay this worthy rescue all of the money they raised on their behalf , scams and behavior like this are not tolerated, and that Jeromie Williams and/or Pet Pardons should not be allowed to keep it for themselves
and their own personal gain! Pet Pardons is supposed to help save pets not steal rescues money. Shame on them! Contact them today!
Contact information:
Pet Pardons Media Inc. 852 5th Ave. Suite 307 San Diego, CA 92101 (213) 290-6260
Pet Pardons
President of Pet Pardons Chris Hoar
Director of Pet Pardons Canada Jeromie Williams and
Read about Pet Pardons and their other alleged scams here:
Read more of Jeromie Williams alleged harassment of others and see his reported violent type threats here: .
Learn more about this wonderful rescue that was victimized by Pet Pardons here
Thank you from Pet Advocates Network. Spreading truth on behalf on homeless pets daily with no excuses!

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    1. UPDATE - Where is the money raised for OSD now?

      To date Operation Sled Dogs has not received the money they owe them. To recap PP did a ChipIn on their behalf. They turned over some but not all of the money. They still owe them about $2000. In addition Chris Hoar never paid the amount he said he would personally. Their various excuses have ranged from the rescue doesn't deserve it, to that it wasn't really Pet Pardons it was Jeromie Williams that raised the money personally and has it in his personal accounts ( huge eyebrow raise), that Jeromie Williams charges a commission fee (unbeknownst to any rescue), that the money was going to be returned to the donors ( OSD agreed with that and even asked for it but nope never happened), that it was going to be donated to a charity ( again never happened), and the latest - it is frozen in Jeromie's Paypal account. He received it in his Personal bank account after a few days - (which is the normal process for Paypal). Jeromie Williams has bragged about it and admitted it. Please share!

    2. Operations Sled Dogs Financial Statement Showing a Loss Due to Pet Pardons

      Note how OSD is completely transparent regarding their finances and Pet Pardons not so much. Due to the PP alleged scam OSD had to actually take out a loan to save the dogs!!! Meantime the individuals at Pet Pardons kept the money to party with or something.
      "Operation Sled Dogs has released a financial statement detailing the donations received by the public and how the donations were used. Unfortunately the operation resulted in a net loss (as so often occurs in rescue), but even more unfortunate is the fact that had all of the donations given to the ChipIn page established by Pet Pardons been redirected to Operation Sled Dogs, it seems the rescue would have pretty much broken even. You can follow the progress of the rescued dogs on the Operation Sled Dogs Facebook page." Please sign and let Pet Pardons know this is an outrage and they need to turn over the OSD's money to them immediately.

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    • Desiree Pratt GLOUCESTER, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      One of my dogs is a husky, so this hits home.

    • Suzanne Rowley DELTA, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      Unethical and despicable behaviour by Jeromie Williams and yes, Pet Pardons should be held accountable for their employee's/Directors' activities especially given Pet Pardons promoted the ChipIn for OSD on their facebook page.

    • Erica Podjasek AURORA, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      Pet Pardons needs to take a more active role in correcting this situation. They have their name on this fraudulent Chip- In, their reputation is going to suffer. They need to sever ties immediately with Jeromie Williams and all funds raised need to be sent to OSD.

    • Kristi Furlong VICTORIA, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      You need to honor your commitment and put the money where it was intended to go!! Not to line your own pockets!!

    • Ginger Neimo ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      Have sent my letter to these so called humans.

      These animals are so beautiful - wish I looked like that:~)


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