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Permanently Halt Primates-For-Research Farm In Puerto Rico

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October 2010


Guayama Mayor Glorimari Jaime Rodriguez thwarted Bioculture's plans to take thousands of macaques from the wild and bring them to the city to breed and sell for invasive research, declaring that Bioculture's business is not welcome or legal in their city. The municipality unanimously approved two ordinances to bar the import, export, breeding and use of monkeys in experiments. The Puerto Rico Senate also passed a resolution urging the U.S. to permanently deny Bioculture permission to set up shop on the island.

UPDATE 2/9/10: On 12/30/09 we reported that thousands of monkeys would be spared misery inside research labs due to a Superior Court judge's ruling to stop construction of a primate supply firm in Puerto Rico. In an abrupt about face, Puerto Rico's Appeals Court has decided to let construction proceed in Guayama while reviewing Bioculture's appeal.

So now, while the court considers -- Bioculture builds. According to Animal Legal Defense Fund: "The three-person panel of Appeals Court judges did not explain their decision, and they basically said that building may proceed until they order otherwise. We don't know when that will be..."

NOT GOOD NEWS FOR MONKEYS. Let officials know how disappointed you are in the Appeal Court's reverse decision and that citizens worldwide support PERMANENT termination of this and any future monkey-breeding compounds.

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