People with Disabilities Need Your Support
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People with Disabilities Need Your Support

    1. Andrew Heugel
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      Andrew Heugel

      Brewster, NY

In New York State, where I live, State funding programs for people with developmental and other disabilities are facing further cutbacks. Due to the greed of many in the financial institutions, health insurance companies, fossil fuel companies and telecommunications companies and our, ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq our unprofitable war on drugs, this type of dire financial picture is being faced by people with disabilities and their providers in every state and in countries around the planet. In addition, there is a double whammy for states who cut Medicaid funding for such services in order to balance their budgets, as they would then lose an equal amount of Federal matching funds.

I am asking that instead of cutting essential services to our most vulnerable citizens, that the states and Federal government find the funding by taxing the windfall profits of the individuals and companies who have created our current financial mess and by curtailing our overseas adventurism.

People with developmental and other significant disabilities often need 24 hour care. The direct care workers who support them usually make only slightly above the minimum wage, which is not a living wage. There is little fat to be cut from these programs and to put the people receiving services out on the street would be a national disgrace. We need to find a way to give our most vulnerable and needy citizens the support that they need to live in dignity in our communities.

Thank you for your support!

Note:The picture posted is of an abandoned group living facility in Letchworth Village, where part of the footage for Geraldo Rivera's expose on Willowbrook was filmed. When Willowbrook was closed we vowed "never again!" Let's provide our most vulnerable citizens and the people who serve them the needed funding so that this never happens again.

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    1. Decision-maker Addie Russell responds:

      Addie Russell

      Thank you for your email indicating your support for people with Developmental disabilities. I am aware of the enormous need for services for both the individual and the families of those affected. I have continued to advocate for takin...

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    • Leah Pragluski SOUTH GLASTONBURY, CT
      • over 1 year ago

      I believe tax dollars are meant to be used for individuals (in this country) that need assistance for a better quality of life. Education, elderly care, and mental health services are the three areas most neglected. Things need to change!

    • Jocelyn Heermance SCHENECTADY, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      I have a disability!

    • Daniel Gamache HYDE PARK, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      I worked for a not for profit for many years and I've seen first hand how important ALL the funding is. To cut funding for people with disabilities makes no sense!

    • Elizabeth Ostler HYDE PARK, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      Why would we ever cut funding for those who need it most?? It is even crazy that we have to fight for this! Congress needs to take a pay cut before ANYONE else does! Just a shame!

    • Heather Smith SEYMOUR, CT
      • over 1 year ago

      I work for a private non profit organization in Ct and we have become victim to budget cuts from Gov Daniel Malloy as well. We are supposed to give them quality of life and a fair chance. Budget cuts basically tie our hands and it also makes it so that with the pay, you often get what you pay for. Very sad and disheartening. Good luck!


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