People of the World Unite - Spread Awareness of Chemtrails
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People of the World Unite - Spread Awareness of Chemtrails

    1. Alan Crawford
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      Alan Crawford

      Gonzales, LA

The time has come for us to face our worst fears and unite under a banner of truth and justice and free all life on this planet from a terrible threat that affects each of us equally.

If you are unaware of the chemtrail phenomenon, here's a very brief summary:

There is a conspiracy (yes, they really do exist) that involves global manipulation of natural weather systems and atmospheric conditions by psychopathic politicians and mad scientists called geo-engineers. According to their own admissions, they aim to spray the planet with reflective metal particulates and other toxic chemical compounds in a vain attempt to reduce anthropomorphic global warming with a concept called "solar radiation management". They say that the project will be expensive and may negatively impact human, plant, and animal life in myriad ways, but that it may become necessary in the near future to employ such drastic measures.

Despite these insane ideas, based on fraudulent science and reminiscent of the notorious eugenics programs of recent European and American history, there is a tremendous amount of information available on the internet and by simple observation of our skies to substantiate the claim that the proposed plans of geo-engineers are in fact currently being deployed across the world. This is not a conspiracy "theory" by any stretch of the imagination.

Absolutely critical to understanding the sheer magnitude of the problem at hand is the ability to distinguish between contrails (condensation) and chemtrails (chemical):

Here are a few documentaries that address geo-engineering:
Aerosol Crimes -
Don't Talk About The Weather -
What in the World are They Spraying? -
Thrive -

Several extraordinary artists have brought awareness to this common threat including:

Prince -
Beck -
Jack Johnson -
Billy Corgan -
Flobots -

There is a plot by the mainstream corporate government-sponsored media to completely ignore the growing concerns of millions of people desperately searching for answers and attempting to break the silence. We all have the ability (and arguably the responsibility) to reach out and open the hearts and minds of our fellow human beings, and to help balance out the onslaught of disinformation and misleading propaganda we've come to expect from the media, our governments, and the financial interests that own them.

Here are a couple local news reports on chemtrails from the United States:

Here are some videos from the Belfort Group International Symposium on Geo-Engineering in Belgium in 2010:
Dr. Coen Vermeeren:
Desiree Rover:

Here are my personal collections of videos and photos:

This is about neither money nor fame. This is not about being popular or politically correct. This is a test of our ability to communicate effectively with one another as human beings in order to address and overcome one of the most blatant dangers facing us today, collectively and individually. Some people will inevitably call you crazy, but we can't let pride or fear of what others may think distract us from the importance of this issue. It's crucial to learn effective, non-violent communication skills and to maintain tact, compassion, and integrity when attempting to share this extremely heavy information.

We are not powerless. We are not helpless. We, the people of the world, have the power. It's time to connect and start taking back our unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and to eliminate all threats to the existence of our beautiful species and all other life forms on Earth by spreading awareness and empowering one another with the greatest gift of all: knowledge.

Use any and all means necessary. We all have still/video cameras on our phones. Document the sky. Post what you see on youtube, facebook, blog sites, forums, chats, and discussions online. Talk to your friends and family, church leaders, local reporters and meteorologists. Call into your local community radio station. Make some noise however you can. Our children will thank you.

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    1. Over 100! Let's keep the momentum going and get to our goal of 1000!

      Alan Crawford
      Petition Organizer

      The awareness is growing, not just in the environmental sector, but in all aspects of our daily lives. The machine is becoming less and less effective at controlling the flow of information, and we are ready for the responsibility that comes with new knowledge and wisdom.

      For all who have not seen it, I encourage you to watch the movie "Thrive". You can watch it for free at the link below. Though it does not specifically discuss chemtrails, it is mentioned briefly. The rest of the film properly frames the objective world view required to overcome the cognitive dissonance associated with this phenomenon.

      Thank all of you for your signatures and comments and shares. Together, we can do anything.

      - Alan

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    • Brian Kristiansen NELSON, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      because bad things happen when good men do nothing. their plans are being rushed and admittedly share and cry.good luck comrades.

    • Dejan Baloh PIRAN, SLOVENIA
      • over 2 years ago

      I sign because you can´t hide from this one, you can´t escape or just go and seek for better place... It is all above us and it will kill everything and everyone on our ONLY planet. I sign because it is a right thing to do.

    • Denis Kičić MARIBOR, SLOVENIA
      • over 2 years ago

      becouse i dont want u.s. army to spread the viroses and poison whit the airplaines and i want top stop weather modifications...

    • Mary Jane Tarapata QLD, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      To regroup, to unite under a banner of truth raw justice

    • Dylan Brady DUBLIN, IRELAND
      • over 2 years ago

      Chemtrails are a crime against humanity that must be stopped now!


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