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Begin changing our ideas about the ancient monetary system

    1. Alex Lamy
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      Alex Lamy

      Rolla, MO

Unless there is a drastic shift in our system, we are going to see a continuing gap between the rich 1% and the middle class. We will also see production power become exponentially better. We will be able to produce anything at very little to no cost because of the advancing technology in automated systems. However, these automated systems are displacing the labor force in America causing a rising unemployment and a drop in overall buying power. So, the increase in production will be off set by the lack of buying power. This is caused by the monetary system. Every dollar represents debt that can never be paid back (due to interest). Basically, we have more debt than there is money. This monetary system rewards greed, manipulation and corruption. Every thing that is produced is inferior because there is no profit in building something that will last or no profit in curing diseases like AIDs and cancer. We need to shift to a resource based economy where things are done not for profit but for purpose. For the first time in history, we have the technology to automate the mundane labor jobs and allow people to be free to explore what fascinates them. With responsible management of resources, we can create a society without starvation and poverty (because money will not be apart of it.) Let's begin learning about what it takes to become a resource based society.

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    2. Federal Reserve and Monetary System and a Resource Based Society

      Alex Lamy
      Petition Organizer

      Learn more about the Federal Reserve and Monetary system through the documentary titled Zeitgeist: The Addendum. Learn about resource based societies through the Venus project.


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      • about 2 years ago

      Because there is too much waste in todays systems. We need to upgrade our society's software.

    • Alex Lamy ROLLA, MO
      • about 2 years ago

      Without this shift in thinking, we will see an increase in poverty, starvation and unemployment throughout the world and eventually the collapse of our societies.


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