Pennsylvanians of Faith: Urge Senator Casey to Fight Pollution
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Sen. Robert Casey

Pennsylvanians of Faith: Urge Senator Casey to Fight Pollution

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Senator Casey is one of the leading Senators who cares about the common good but he is facing pressure from the coal industry who want to overturn recent Environmental Protection Agency regulations that drastically improve pollution standards for new coal-fired power plants.   

The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced the Carbon Pollution Standard, commonly known as a “greenhouse gas rule,” a measure that will lower the emission of carbon from coal-fired power plants. The new standard will protect the health of every American and will help ensure future generations are able to live in a cleaner, more sustainable environment. This rule is an important step in addressing the increasing dangers of climate change.

Will you join us in asking Senator Casey to meet with his constituents who want to educate him about the importance of this EPA regulation?

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