Keep Wraparound Care For Autistic Children
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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett

Keep Wraparound Care For Autistic Children

    1. Jennifer Forsyth
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      Jennifer Forsyth

      Gibsonia, PA

In the recently signed 2011-12 state budget, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett made children with mental health disabilities a target for his spending cuts. Corbett has given the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare the right to get rid of services without any legislative oversight whatsoever.

Corbett has made it a personal mission to target and get rid of in-home behavioral services to children with autism, known otherwise as "wraparound care." This service allows counselors, known as BSC and TSS to come into the home and to work with an autistic child one-on-one.

These wraparound services are invaluable because they help the child learn proper habits and behaviors, and enable families to learn how to better deal with a child with special needs. It's invaluable individual attention that can go beyond the home, as TSS counselors can accompany a child to school and other activities outside the home to help as well.

Corbett considers wraparound care a waste of money, and is currently enlisting state workers to conduct studies and surveys that will be favorable to his opinion so the program can be done away with.

Many families across Pennsylvania are now in danger of losing this service with no replacement. Wraparound care is vital to these families, as the individual attention and instruction can keep an autistic child from meltdowns, impulsive acts, and dangerous behavior.

Please sign our petition to tell Governor Corbett and the Department of Public Welfare to leave wraparound care alone!

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    • Cindy Keely HARRISBURG, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      My son is autistic we need help! If you take this away it will crush families who are struggling.

    • Tisa Franks FLEETWOOD, PA
      • about 3 years ago

      My son gets wrap around services. Governor Corbett should be ashamed of himself. Why doesn't he come live with our families. This angers me immensely!

      • about 3 years ago

      I recently took vacation for a week (I'm a single parent) and my sisters stayed with my autistic son. They had a tough time with his behavior, and my BSC was very helpful. She came to the house and gave them advice on how to handle his tantrums. As a single parent -- I appreciate all the services I receive....otherwise, I would probably be in a padded cell and the state would have to care for my son in a residential facility!

    • marie r. walsh RIDLEY PARK, PA
      • about 3 years ago

      we have twin boys who have behavioral problems in our family. we would be in deep trouble if not for the support and teachings of CGRC. URGENT! Please support us. This service has prevented us from entering the crisis level for mental health repeatedly.

    • Andrea Ennis SWARTHMORE, PA
      • about 3 years ago

      If you were actually a parent with a child with special needs you would in no way be doing this. It is not until you walk in one of our shoes would you know that it shouldnt be cut but increased. I know money is tight but this is the next generation and with all the cuts you will be leaving them without help or hope. You would be helping to contribute to the LOST GENERATION who people choose to ignore because it is not happening to them.


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