Pell Grants Protected, Student Aid in Peril!
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Pell Grants Protected, Student Aid in Peril!

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Congress recently came together during the debt ceiling deal to invest $17 billion into the Pell Grant program, but at a cost of additional debt to some students.  Pell Grants were the ONLY program mentioned in the entire debt deal and the bipartisan effort to protect the program is worthy of note.

However, Congress now begins work on the yearly budget and appropriations process and the future of student aid programs remains unclear.  

As it stands, House Budget Chairman Ryan's budget is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Preying upon genuine concern for our fiscal future, this budget takes direct aim at student aid programs that help job-seekers get the skills, training, and credentials they need to re-enter the recovering workforce.

Higher education drives economic growth. Eighty percent of the fastest growing jobs in the country demand training above a high school level. Our workforce needs 22 million more degrees by 2018, but we will fall short by three million degrees if we cannot increase graduation rates. Meanwhile, 43 states have already cut funding to higher education, pushing even more of the cost on to students and their families.

If this Congress is serious about job recovery, reducing access to college is the wrong approach. We should be investing in student aid and looking for ways to increase the funding, not cut it, to enable more qualified students to stay in school, graduate, and enter the workforce with the skills that our economy demands.

With more than 13 million Americans unemployed and looking for work, our leaders must be doing all they can to help job-seekers get the skills, training, and credentials they need to re-enter the workforce. Chairman Ryan's FY12 budget must be rejected, along with any budget that cuts student aid. 

See the letter 31 organizations sent urging Congress to fund Pell Grants at $5,550..

You can find more information about the Student PIRG higher education project at

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    2. From US PIRG, late last night: "A few hours ago the Senate passed the FY11 budget extension making it official. Victory! So this coming school year the Pell grant will remain at $5,550 for the most needy students. This also finalizes the financial aid packages almost 10 million families are relying on to plan their college plans. An added bonus, while Congress phased out the ability for students to draw down two Pell grants in a year (something proposed by Obama), advocates were able to allow students to draw down a second Pell for this summer which won't disrupt many college plans."

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    4. The Chronicle of Higher Education is reporting that Pell Grants *will* maintain their current funding levels - huzzah! However, the vote from Congress isn't final, says Rich Williams from US PIRG, so we're waiting for final confirmation. Chronicle story:

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    6. America Needs College Grads: Stop Pell Grants From Being Slashed

      When she graduates, Ana Teresa Bagatella will be the first in her family to graduate from college.
      But she may have to consider dropping out. Why? If Congress cuts Pell grants in the 2011 budget, Bagatella won't be able to afford school. Her dream of...

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    Reasons for signing

      • almost 3 years ago

      After being robbed of my veteran education benefits, Pell Grants saw me through. Congress, police the federal school grants via Kaplan, Uni of Pheonix. Leave your grubbing insider trading hands off our Pell Grants.

      Tell Nevada OSHA to STOP Protecting Child Abusers

    • Roberta Wolfe ALAMOGORDO, NM
      • almost 3 years ago

      I am a student

    • Jennifer Miller TUCSON, AZ
      • almost 3 years ago

      Students need more help to receive an education NOT LESS... if Higher Ed isn't free, it needs to be affordable!

    • Virginia Davis ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL
      • about 3 years ago

      As a pre-med student who is still looking forward to med school, I desperately need my pell grants. My program is too rigorous for a working student, and I would have to work and attend school if my pell grants were taken away, or take a break and be forced to make repayment on my student loans before I could afford to do so. If I lose my pell grants, there is a good chance I will never be able to reach the goals I have worked so hard for.

    • Jermaine chester BALTIMORE, MD
      • about 3 years ago

      with the cost of college many students need these grants to help cover cost , and with the job market as it is now , the grants are needed more than ever to help everyone gain a higher education.


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