Pass the SAFER Act To End Rape Kit Backlog
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Pass the SAFER Act To End Rape Kit Backlog

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The SAFER Act, H.R. 1523, is a no-cost bill that will lead to the elimination of the DNA backlog of evidence collected in rape cases (commonly known as rape kits).  Currently, there is a tremendous backlog of DNA evidence from unsolved rape cases that has never been sent to the lab for analysis. Until we test this evidence and identify the rapists, those criminals remain free to attack more victims.

The SAFER Act will establish better standards for future tracking, storage, and use of DNA evidence in sexual assault cases, and create the Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence Registry (SAFER), which will track the status of DNA evidence collected in rape cases.  The registry will allow victims to monitor the progress of forensic evidence in their own case using a non-personally identifying ID number online, anytime.

The SAFER Act will bring transparency to the testing process, help us efficiently target resources to areas that have the biggest backlogs, and empower survivors with up-to-the-minute info about the status of their case.    It will also inform law enforcement and the public about the extent of the DNA backlog throughout the country. 

The SAFER Act will increase the efficiency of the criminal justice system by more effectively targeting areas with the most significant backlogs, while making the entire process transparent to the public. Processing this evidence from rape cases quickly will help to ensure justice for survivors of this violent crime by taking rapists off the streets, and create safer communities.

The bill has strong bipartisan support, and RAINN is optimistic that it will move quickly through the U.S Congress with your help! Contact your U.S. Representative today to express your support for the SAFER Act, H.R. 1523.


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