Pass the Human Rights Amendment
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Pass the Human Rights Amendment

    1. Paul Westlake
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      Paul Westlake

      Rockville, MD

Human Rights Amendment

Section 1
In all instances wherein the words "person," persons," and "people" appear in this constitution, such words shall be construed to define living human beings only.

Section 2
"Money" is defined only as legal tender for the purpose of settling all debts, public and private. Congress shall make no law recognizing the free flow of money as an expression of speech of any kind, or as an expression of any of the rights enumerated in this constitution.

Section 3
Congress shall have power to enforce this article and to regulate federal elections by appropriate legislation.

Notes: Section 1 ends corporate and union personhood by removing the foundation for the Supreme Court ruling in Citizen's United v FEC, namely that use of the word "person" in the 14th amendment applies to legal fictions (like corporations, unions, NGOs, etc), automatically triggering 1st amendment rights. (see First Nat. Bank of Boston v. Bellotti)

Section 2 places money back in its proper place -- a form of currency, not a form of speech. (see Buckley v. Valeo)

Section 3 uses standard constitutional language to empower Congress to make law based on the new amendment with an added reaffirmation of Congress' supremacy over the judiciary in the matter of electoral law, putting some rein on activist courts.

This is non-partisan, process-oriented language. The only clear losers are the wealthiest corporations, oversized special interest groups and bloated unions and we can all compromise on that. No matter your political stripe, nobody should have the power to drown out your voice. And you shouldn't have to give money to every group that has a message you agree with to have any say in the process. Even if you agree with the wealthy and powerful today, there's no guarantee that you'll agree with them tomorrow. Karl Rove thought he had created permanent Republican majorities. That wasn't long after Tip O'Neill thought the same thing on the Democratic side. Nothing is permanent, which is why the US Constitution has to evolve. The time is now.

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    • Darrick Wagner CEDAR RAPIDS, IA
      • about 1 month ago

      Even though I despise democracy and republicanism, I will sign it. Anything headed by corporations and wealthy people is worse than anything headed by a king and his court.

      • 7 months ago

      Class warfare has confronted the mass of common folks since the USA was created. That war is growing in strength and the immense power of monolithic corporations is grinding the people under its jack-booted feet. Fight back against the oppressors, people. The greatest threats to our liberties is from enemies within, not outside the country.

      Fight for freedom peacefully now or become enslaved in totality.

      Win this fight before only Revolutionary War Two can oust the oppressors.

      • 7 months ago

      If class war continues I predict a day when the much-needed Revolutionary War Two will destroy the old and allow We, the People to start anew.

    • Charlotte Clarke FAIRPORT, NY
      • 8 months ago

      I was already a believer in the necessity for campaign finance reform to put the power of democracy back in the hands of the general public not the rich few.

      Citizens United ruling takes that belief to a fervent new conviction!

      A renegade monster of capitalism has trumped democracy. We value money over freedom. We are no longer an example to the world. We are an example of the dangers inherent in a free market gone crazy. I don't understand why people don't understand the fundamental crisis here. What can I do to help educate people about the dire need for campaign finance reform and disabling Citizens United?

    • CVirginia Finn MILW, WI
      • 8 months ago

      People are more important than things. Money is a thing that cannot speak; therefore no speech.


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