Parole for Karen Brown

Parole for Karen Brown

    1. June McGinnis
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      June McGinnis

      Largo, FL

Petition for Clemency and/or Parole Release of Karen Brown

We feel that a great injustice was done to Karen Brown in November, 1986. She was sentenced to “Life in Prison”, without the possibility of parole for 25 years. To further add to this unjust punishment, her parole was DENIED last year and she will not be eligible again until 2016.
Karen’s parole denial was unwarranted because she exhibited exemplary behavior during her quarter century of incarceration. She took full advantage of her time by earning numerous degrees (all that were available), as well as countless awards and certificates, all in preparation to one day use these skills to repay her debt to society. Karen aspires to utilize her accomplishments and testimonies as vehicles to reach today’s youth and teens, to help prevent yet another drug related tragedy.
Karen Brown is NOT a violent person and does not pose any threat to society. She has no previous record, is very employable and has a strong network of family, friends and church support. For these reasons, we feel very confident that Karen’s ability to give back to society far outweighs her remaining incarcerated.

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Karen's attorney presented no evidence, did not allow her to testify and never told her of the plea bargain offered. He did, however, allow the prosecutor to try her in the news media before and during the trial which led to a media circus. Following an evidentiary hearing in 2002 arranged by her public advocacy attorney at the time, her sentence was vacated and a new trial ordered by the Judge. In an unprecedented maneuver the state overturned this respected trial Judge, denied her new trial and upheld her original sentence. At age 48 she faces numerous health challenges as do her elderly parents. For 25 years she obeyed all the rules and was a model prisoner, even entrusted to lead prison tours for many state dignitaries and VIPs. A devoted Christian, Karen has led unbelievers to Christ, myself included. For more information, contact me at

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    1. In the "Hole" when falsely accused. Released after 30 days - no evidence.

      June McGinnis
      Petition Organizer


      I lay here confused about the lies that have been told,
      In this prison, Satan is alive, well and bold!
      I know there are many people praying for me,
      Just wish it was them and you I could see!
      Contact and conversation, the lack and hardest parts,
      This cold deceitful environment breaks human hearts!
      I hear all the noise and craziness and think,
      Has my honesty and hard work meant just a wink!
      Yes, rose-colored glasses must be put on the shelf,
      Wake up to this environment and take care of self!
      Our enemies have caused us to be bound and chained,
      Hope our faith in Christ is not being drained!
      My heart is healing hopefully one more time,
      Even though humanity is so sublime!
      I guess it’s okay to keep standing and fight,
      And continue to pray with all our might!
      Surely God will answer, this comes to an end,
      He will open this door for me my friend!
      In His word, He says He truly cares,
      Keep on praying, He will answer our prayers.

      By: Karen Brown

    2. With the Holidays in mind.

      June McGinnis
      Petition Organizer

      Karen wishes everyone a wonderful Holiday Season. She has been busy working on her Christmas cards and has already sent 91 out. Karen makes beautiful homemade cards for all occasions. She is a very talented. She makes the cards, and even the envelopes, out of recycled materials that she finds around the prison shops and rooms. I am simply amazed at what she comes up with. This month for my birthday, she made a card that has a couple of sweet Teddy Bears holding colorful bunches of balloons leading up to these two large doors tied shut with a tiny piece of light blue yarn. As I pulled out the yarn the doors swung open to reveal more bears and balloons, some shaped like hearts, floating up to the blue sky with a big "Happy Birthday" in the clouds above. Her wonderful drawings bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. As someone with no artistic talent, I really appreciate Karen’s creative and colorful greetings. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    4. "Forgiven and Redeemed" by Karen Brown 10/13/2012

      June McGinnis
      Petition Organizer

      Whether our sins are great or small,
      Jesus is able to forgive them all.
      Nothing better than the gift of forgiving,
      Sin's contamination needs the Savior's cleansing.
      To escape sin's curse run to the cross,
      Then your life will not count as loss.
      Bound in chains, break the cast,
      Accept God's forgiveness for the past.
      Own up to sin with contrition,
      Experience the joy of true confession.
      Jesus my savior, my total redeemer,
      Liberator and promise fulfiller.
      All have sinned and fall short of the glory,
      But God forgives and says don't worry.
      To know Christ is the greatest of all knowledge,
      His grace and mercy to all He does pledge.
      Forgiveness and redemption our sins are relieved,
      God's hope is waiting - to be received!

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    • Margaret Breeden LOUISVILLE, KY
      • about 1 month ago

      I know her personally..she is a good person. She knows what she has done and if she could change it... she would...but we can't...we all have done things we wish we could change from childhood to now.. but that is part of life...we grow..we over come..we live... if GOD can forgive why can't MAN

    • Jorge Rivera KISSIMMEE, FL
      • about 1 year ago

      For some cases a prison should be a place to grow and learn lessons. Then some people deserve a second chance to bring to society them lessons that others avoid make them mistake. I believe Karen L Brown deserve a second opportunity. There are so much she can do for many people. Let do it!

    • Jenny Burris HUSTONVILLE, KY
      • over 1 year ago

      Karen could be a positive influence in our community today! Her true desire is to warn youth of the horrible danger drugs are to peoples' lives. She has done nothing the past 25 years but improve herself in so many ways, to show herself worthy of this task. I grew up with Karen and have always remained in close contact with her through visits and letters. I would be very happy for her to come back and live God's will for her life in our church and community!

    • Shirley Martin STANFORD, KY
      • over 1 year ago

      I think Karen deserves a chance to live the rest of her life free.

    • Delania Fields WHITESBURG, KY
      • over 1 year ago

      Karen deserves a second chance. She was young and inpressionable and I feel taken advantage of.


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