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Legalize Cannabis

    1. Bruce Ryan
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      Bruce Ryan

      Toronto, Canada

Parliament of Canada
Governor General of Canada  (
Legalize and Regulate Cannabis (Marihuana)

    We call upon the Governor General (Governor In Council) to call a national referendum, similar to the referendum of 1898 on alcohol prohibition, a democratic vote of all citizens, to direct the government to follow the recommendations of the LeDain Commission of 1972 and the Senate Subcommittee Report of 2002 as a matter of national interest.  Whereas up to 64% of Canadians support legalization of cannabis, we demand that the will of the people be heard via constitutional due process;

WHEREAS, despite almost a century of prohibition, millions of Canadians today regularly consume cannabis and other cannabis products for medical, spiritual and social reasons;

WHEREAS cannabis is valuable for agricultural, medical and industrial products and presents a means of reducing global warming;

WHEREAS the failed prohibition of cannabis has exhausted countless billions of dollars spent on ineffective or incomplete enforcement and has resulted in unnecessarily dangerous and expensive congestion in our judicial system while many citizens have received criminal records for a victimless crime;

WHEREAS various cannabis decriminalization or legalization policy prescriptions have been recommended by the 1969-72 LeDain Commission of Enquiry into the Non-Medical Use of Drugs, the 2002 Canadian Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs as well as the 2002 House of Commons Special Committee on the Non-Medical Use of Drugs;

WHEREAS the Courts have declared cannabis prohibition to be unconstitutional and the legal status quo for the criminal regulation of cannabis continues to endanger Canadians by generating significant resources for gang-related violent criminal activity and weapons smuggling – a reality which could be very easily confronted by the legalization and regulation of Canada’s cannabis industry;

WHEREAS the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs [1961] states that a signatory’s obligation to enact criminal penalties for the nonmedical production, possession, and distribution of marijuana (cannabis) is “subject to its constitutional limitations.” and the penal provisions of the ‘61 convention includes the caveat: “subject to the constitutional limitations of a Party, its legal system and domestic law.”, the Government will amend said treaty accordingly;

WHEREAS the U.N. has declared that prohibition creates corruption at all levels of government and correspondingly, politicians and government agents who support prohibition also support organized crime;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Canadian government will legalize cannabis and ensure the regulation and taxation of its production, distribution and use, while enacting penalties for illegal cross-border trafficking: cross-border importation and exportation, and impaired driving as per roadside sobriety standards;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Canadian government will invest significant resources in social and educational programs designed to promote awareness of the health risks and consequences of cannabis use and dependency according to the findings of the Senate Report of 2002, especially amongst youth;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Canadian government will extend amnesty to all Canadian citizens previously convicted of cannabis possession or cultivation, and ensure the complete elimination of all criminal records related thereto;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the federal Canadian government will work with the provinces and local governments of Canada on a coordinated regulatory approach, similar to alcohol controls, for cannabis which maintains significant federal responsibility for cannabis control while respecting provincial health jurisdiction and particular regional concerns and practices.
[Adopted from: Young Liberals of Canada and the Liberal Party of Canada (British Columbia) 2012]

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    1. Election: 364 days and counting

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      Do you believe that a Liberal government will repeal prohibition? Do you think they will win a majority or minority government under Justin Trudeau?

      Here's my view on the current state of affairs ~ and a vision of our "Beyond Prohibition" a future with cannabis legalized across Canada:
      Part of our agenda coming soon.

      CannaCom Canada - Beyond Prohibition 2.0

      Beyond Prohibition 2.0 The roots of prohibition can be traced to the colonial empires of the past. British Empire politics and policies encouraged prohibition for nearly 500 years. On the other hand, the British Navy sailed on cannabis ("hemp") for rope, clothing and sails.

    2. The End of Prohibition

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      Looks as if two more votes are going to legalize cannabis in the US this November. The failed war on drugs agenda is being stuck down state by state. On the other hand, I just read that 77,000 people in Canada will get arrested for cannabis this year. I really want you to have a copy of NPG ~ ...So you don't end up among the folks that get snagged. Give a copy to one of your friends.
      Jam the machine.
      Let's make sure that prohibition gets repealed across Canada. ~Bruce

    3. Excellent ~ 2000 signatures!

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      Another milestone. As we get closer to the inevitable, it is important to keep one thing in mind: it is going to be up to us to make sure that the REPEAL of prohibition is done right.
      This outlines the perspective and objectives needed. Have a great day!

      Beyond Prohibition 2.0

      The roots of prohibition can be traced to the colonial empires of the past. British Empire politics and policies encouraged prohibition for nearly 500 years. On the other hand, the British Navy sailed on cannabis ("hemp") for rope, clothing and sails. It was a requirement that citizens grow the plant everywhere, in every port.

    4. Reached 2,000 signatures
    5. the REPEAL of PROHIBITION 2.0

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      Publishing articles over the past couple of weeks. This is a video done to outline the REPEAL of PROHIBITION 2.0 about a year ago. Outlines my position on this social disaster.
      ~Bruce Ryan

      Repeal Prohibition

      To free the Tree of Life. Join us Our current crowdfunding campaign:

    6. Major Upgrade

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      • One of the main objectives in advancing our cause is maintaining privacy for our community. Over the past few day we've added SSL security on the the website. Updates on our campaign are being posted there over the next few weeks.
      • Media coverage of this issue and the public polls show that the time to repeal prohibition is inevitable.
      • Our job is to make sure that this happens.

    7. Repealing Prohibition is work

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      Over the decades, with all the progress made, it often seems like the goal is far, far away. Propaganda, prohibitionists and spin doctors abound. We're still at after all these years. Today, I have a vision: open a new Centre on Queen Street as a community resource. Is our crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. We plan on continuing our efforts on a more coordinated platform, including re-doubled efforts to repeal prohibition for everyone. Join in. Share with your friends.
      ~Bruce Ryan

      Toronto Assembly

      Toronto Assembly of the Church of the Universe is opening a new Centre on Queen Street.

    8. Cannabis Cures Global Warming

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      A remarkable thesis which presents the concept of capturing CO2 on a massive scale by planting 2M hectares of cannabis on our farmland that we have "ruined".
      Take a look and see what you think.!

      CannaCom Canada - Cannabis World Research

      Unique site for the cannabis community in Canada

    9. Agenda 2014

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      Recently the head of the CMA (Canadian Medical Association) called medical cannabis use "quackery" and stating that he "didn't know much about it". Holy Cow Batman. I've heard politicians & other prohibitionists use this same line before. Well, here's a rather large collection of published research:
      Over 1000 pages of 15,0000+ studies done. Get the pdf or zip file here~ The next time you hear some professional liar say the same stupid thing.... offer to enlighten them. Ask them; "Can you read?"

      CannaCom Canada - Cannabis Research

      Unique site for the cannabis community in Canada

    10. Global Cannabis March

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      Over the past years, since 1999, millions upon millions of people gather in hundreds of cities worldwide on the first Saturday in May. The original Million Marijuana March became the Global Marijuana March. Now it has evolved once more into the Global Cannabis March as this idea has spread across the world.


      Details Written by Brother Bruce Published: 27 February 2014 Free copy of Never Plead Guilty - self defence for the cannabis community. We first published this book in 2007 inspired by a book by Paul Copeland published several years ago (before the Charter of Rights & Freedoms) called Don't Plead Guilty.

    11. Major Upgrade

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      April 2nd we moved into a beautiful new office for our website venture. Just perfect... designed just for us. is up and running at the new site. We are planning an overhaul of during the next two weeks. Moving ahead with our agenda - the repeal of prohibition - this move is a major upgrade.
      Regards, Bruce Ryan

    12. LeadNow grassroots movement

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      Last evening, attending the Connect meeting, organized by was very interesting. The legalization of cannabis IS going to be a serious election platform "wedge" issue for the 2015 election. With 475,000 citizens, who are just a little annoyed over being arrested for cannabis since 2006, we would change the political landscape in interesting ways.
      You can tell because now the Con's are backpedaling hard after running expensive "attack ads" on Justin Trudeau. Hmmm. Must have backfired. Badly. The SUN media on-line poll crested over 75% for legalization yesterday. While the Justice Minister was talking about widening-the-net through "ticketing" us instead of relying on the much more costy arresting-us and taking us to court paperwork.
      Orwellian double-speak.

    13. Free copies of Never Plead Guilty

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      Giving away copies of Never Plead Guilty to everyone.

      CannaCom Canada - CannaCommunity

      Unique site for the cannabis community in Canada

    14. Liberal Agenda

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      The convention in Montreal this past weekend was interesting. Noticed a conservative pundit in Ottawa: Trudeau's secret weapon = driving the conservatives nuts. SCORE!!! (and the crowd goes wild).
      ...almost ready with the on-line FREE copy of Never Plead Guilty. It's going to be interesting indeed.

    15. Never Plead Guilty

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      Time to jam the machine. Just imagine the 470,000 citizens arrested for cannabis - ALL clogging up the system all at once. Right now, our new website is under construction to give away copies of Never Plead Guilty to thousands upon ten of thousands of people. You and all your friends and all their friends.
      The handwriting is on the wall.
      Have a beautiful Sunday.
      ~Bruce Ryan

    16. Excellent. Over 1500 Signatures.

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      Over the past few days I have been engaged in a discussion with the local Liberal candidate in this riding. Nate Irskine-Smith is VERY clear about the REPEAL of PROHIBITION and his support of the draft policy paper: It is time to guide this policy.

      Now that this petition has reached over 1,500 signatures, I am going to give away updated copies of "Never Plead Guilty" to you and all your friends, and their friends.... and their friends. You get the idea.
      This will be set up on a new website we are developing. Just after the Liberal Convention this weekend: Anyone who signs this petition can get a free copy which you are free to give away to your friends. You get the idea.
      ~Reverend Ryan

    17. Reached 1,500 signatures
    18. Election Issues

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      Watching the attack ads on Justin Trudeau point out that the Con's must be very worried. Issuing a policy paper based on last years draft will present a rather more sane alternative to the decades long "drug war". I applaud the Liberal leader for his hard core actions regarding the Senate. Reminds me of when Prime Minister Trudeau said, "Just watch me."

      Repeal Prohibition Two

      See what we are rolling up this year. Second version in support of our new initiatives & campaigns. & Support us

    19. It's Scandal Time

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      Media headlines continue to point out the hypocrisy of the Harper Con government and the illegal activities going on in Ottawa. Three our of four by-elections being held due to various Con's vacating their seats. The RCMP are investigating criminal offenses while these politicians seek to incarcerate the cannabis community with mandatory minimums. This is a violation of the Charter by a government elected via fraud - according to the courts. This is a violation of our Constitution.
      As a "sub-culture", we must stand together as one voice: REPEAL PROHIBITION.

    20. Reached 1,000 signatures
    21. New Initiatives - Summer '13

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      Justin Trudeau's call for legalization has created a serious wedge issue between de-crim from the NDP and prohibition from the PC's. The LPC have placed their own petition on the Liberal site gaining 21,000 signatures in just a few days:
      They have published a DRAFT policy paper.
      Now they are talking about "public consultation" ~ let's make sure this is done correctly. Brothers & sisters, mothers & daughters, fathers & sons; prohibition is a crime.

    22. Reached 750 signatures
    23. Summer Time

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      This petition is being circulated among several festivals & events. We are collecting hand written signatures to add to this on-line effort.

    24. Reached 500 signatures
    25. The Landslide Has Begun

      Bruce Ryan
      Petition Organizer

      Among our friends & associates we have reached both Justin Trudeau and Joyce Murray who support legalization. I have sent a copy of our petition asking for a champion in the House of Commons. We have started a campaign

      Repeal Prohibition in Canada

      Repeal Prohibition Over the decades we have advocated for legalization of cannabis. Now the tide has changed and we believe that It Is Time: * We have worked on this issue since 1999 in many ways through social, political, compassionate and spiritual activities.


    Reasons for signing

    • elijah smith OSHAWA, CANADA
      • 2 days ago

      if its legalized than the government can make more money and there will be less crime

    • Marie-Josée Charette GATINEAU, CANADA
      • 4 days ago

      Je veux l optenir a des fins médicales et bio.

      • 5 days ago


    • yazad tafti NORTH YORK, CANADA
      • 7 days ago

      dopes good

      • 8 days ago

      I am in the process of acquiring my medical license and I have personally seen the amazing benefits of Marijuana. I am a strong supporter of having this legalized in Canada


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