Pardon the Norfolk Four
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Pardon the Norfolk Four

    1. Matt Kelley
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      Matt Kelley

      New Haven, CT

The Norfolk Four spent between eight and 11 years in prison for a murder DNA proves another man committed. But while the four men aren't in prison today, they aren't free, either. They live as registered sex offenders, under the terms of a conditional pardon, and one of them wears an ankle bracelet so his parole officer can monitor him.

Urge Virginia officials to vacate the convictions of the Norfolk Four and finally clear their names after a decade of injustice.

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      Charles Davis
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    • James Draper SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      I just saw the Frontline piece and feel from their view point that there is reasonable doubt and therefore you should be exonerated.


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