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Give homeowners more control!

    1. Lindsi Miller
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      Lindsi Miller

      Colorado Springs, CO

The homeowners of Painted Sky at Waterview are hard working citizens who have chosen to buy with one of the nation's leading home builders, Journey Homes, in a brand new development in Colorado Springs. The Homeowners Association has taken over the control of all homeowners in the area, not allowing them to make changes to their own homes or landscapes without pre-approval. The restrictions on some of the improvements that some homeowners wish to make to their landscaping, such as the height of play sets and sheds, the dimensions and color of flowers and flower beds, the color material for walkways, fences, and mulch, and even the size of garden art are a hinderance and just not ethical for an HOA to take control over. The homeowners of Painted Sky at Waterview deserve to live in the home they have purchased and dreamed of making their own without the input and approval of the HOA. If you agree that we deserve to have control of our own home appearances, please sign this petition!

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    • Gary Miller FOUNTAIN, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      Because we live in a free society.....or do we...


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