For the safety of pedestrians as well as bicyclists and motorists install a crosswalk for recreational and coastal access
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Mary Ann Nihart

For the safety of pedestrians as well as bicyclists and motorists install a crosswalk for recreational and coastal access

    1. Tess Hunt
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      Tess Hunt

      Pacifica, CA

Marked crosswalks are used to raise driver awareness of pedestrian crossings and direct pedestrians to preferred crossing points. Pacificans and coastal visitors deserve an option considered to be safe, accessible and comfortable for walkers, the disabled, cyclists and motorists. We believe increased infrastructure enhancements could better protect our community.It is our perspective to not only increase pedestrian safety, but also to create a broader mission to create livable streets and to develop a cultural "share-the-road" mindset in Pacifica.

Mary Ann Nihart, Mayor of Pacifica
A crosswalk is needed at the intersection of Palmetto & Clarendon - this is a public safety issue long overlooked by city officials - Please give prompt attention to installing a marked crosswalk for recreational and coastal access. Please be proactive and not reactive to a potential tragedy.

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    • Mim McNulty PACIFICA, CA
      • 25 days ago

      That intersection is a little confusing in the first place to people not familiar -- I have seen cars continue straight on Clarendon instead of the mandatory right. that makes it even more treacherous for pedestrians -- a crosswalk at least would help make some awareness.

    • Shanon Christiansen PACIFICA, CA
      • 27 days ago

      Dangerous need pedestrian walkway

    • Leigh Ward PACIFICA, CA
      • 28 days ago

      Safety of pedestrians and their pets.

    • Jung Lee PACIFICA, CA
      • 28 days ago

      For the safety of my children.

    • Linda Quinn PACIFICA, CA
      • 28 days ago

      I use this intersection all the time and it is dangerous. It's a curve and especially going westbound, there are blind spots where it's hard to see cars coming from both directions. All of a sudden you can see a car come around the curve very quickly. The intersection is also large and there's a lot of space a pedestrian has to cover despite oncoming traffic. So many people use this intersection to get to and from the beach, there needs to be something to slow down traffic.


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