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PA; America Starts Here, the Hate Stops Here!

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      Philadelphia, PA

SB9, HB 439, and all the E-Verify bills were introduced as anti-immigrant bills in Pennsylvania but in reality they will affect thousands of poor and working families across our state. SB9 if passed will leave many American families vulnerable to poverty and HB 439 could leave many of our local business vulnerable to closure.

E-Verify is an attack on workers who deserve protections and will only make all workers vulnerable to pay decreases and exploitative conditions. Passing E-Verify will not bring back jobs nor will it decrease the unemployment rate; rather, it will increase it.

Pennsylvania must avoid the mistakes that states before us have made, like Arizona, which endured a $141 million economic loss due to their anti-immigrant legislation SB1070. This kind of legislation will hurt our families, our businesses, and our communities.

Pennsylvania has a slogan: "America Starts Here."  We believe that if America starts here, the Hate MUST STOP here. Please sign the petition and tell your state elected official that you stand in solidarity with Pennsylvania's residents, workers, and families!

 SB9, 439 HB, y todas las propuestas de E-Verify se introdujeron como proyectos de ley anti-inmigrantes en Pennsylvania, pero en realidad van a afectar a miles de familias pobres y trabajadoras en todo el estado. SB9 si se aprueba dejará muchas familias estadounidenses vulnerables a la pobreza y HB439 podría dejar a muchos de nuestros negocios locales vulnerables a la clausura.

  E-Verify es un ataque a los trabajadores que merecen protección y sólo hará que los trabajadores esten a riesgo de bajos salarios y a las condiciones de explotación. Al pasar la ley de E-Verify no traerá de vuelta puestos de trabajo, ni va a disminuir la tasa de desempleo, sino que lo aumentará.

Pennsylvania debe evitar los errores cometidos por otros estados, como Arizona, que sufrió una pérdida económica de $141 millones debido a su legislación anti-inmigrante SB1070. Este tipo de legislación perjudicará a nuestras familias, nuestros negocios y nuestras comunidades.

 Pennsylvania tiene un lema: “Los Estados Unidos Empiezan Aquí” Creemos que si Estados Unidos comienza aquí, el Odio tiene que parar aquí. Por favor, firma la petición y dígale a su funcionario estatal electo que usted está en solidaridad con los residentes de Pennsylvania, los trabajadores y sus familias!

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    1. Anti-Bills in PA are on the move

      Juntos .
      Petition Organizer

      TAKE ACTION: Sign our petition & let PA elected officials know that we do not want to become the next Alabama or Arizona. Pennsylvania & our communities deserve better.

      Juntos is profoundly disappointed by the news that the Pennsylvania House Labor & Industry Committee will consider House Bill 380. We have also been informed that many other anti-immigrant/anti-worker bills in the state are being called up for consideration. Juntos strongly opposes HB380 & any other anti-immigrant/anti-worker bill as their impact will reach every individual, citizen or not, & will create a climate of persecution for workers, families, & community members.

      Pennsylvania elected officials are wasting our time with divisive issues instead of finding real solutions. Rather than prioritize assaults on our communities and workers we ask our state officials to focus on passing a fair budget that prioritizes improving/supporting our public education system and creating fair and dignified work conditions.

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    • Carmen Sandoval PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      Porque me interesa el vien estar de mi familia

    • ingrid ocampo PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      stop ignorance stop rocism stop discimination

    • Carlin Christy PITTSBURGH, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      PA should welcome immigrants and work to improve conditions for all PA residents.

    • Edgar Pacio PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      The bills won't only hurt the latino families, but the entire state. The US is supposed to bea country of freedom, were people from all over the globe are welcome. When we decide who is illegal based on their looks, we are discriminating; something that has not yet been erased in America. These laws will not help us progress to become a respecting and welcoming country.

    • Adrian Aristizabal PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      Workers deserve protection.


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