Include the word "transphobia" in the dictionary.
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Include the word "transphobia" in the dictionary.

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      GRIN Campaign

February 2014


From petition creator: "Transphobia" is included in the dictionary on the new Microsoft Office and was also included in the June amendments to the Oxford English Dictionary. Since, other online dictionaries have picked the word up and are now including it.

transphobia |ˌtransˈfəʊbɪə,  trɑːns-,|                                                         noun [ mass noun ]                                                                                 an extreme and irrational aversion to transsexuality and transsexual or transgender people.

"Transphobia" is not in the dictionary, yet words such as "homophobia" and "xenophobia" are. When writing the word "transphobia" into Microsoft Word a dashed red line appears underneath to indicate a misspelling or made-up word.  However, "transphobia" is in fact spelt correctly and the correct term to describe either a fear or range of negative attitudes towards transsexual or transgender people. 

In the fight for LGBT equality the transgender community are often left behind.  Lesbian, gay and bisexual rights are improving across the globe, however the transgender community are still experiencing frequent discrimination.

The transgender community has a lack of basic legal protection in many countries - an example of institutionalised transphobia.  There are stories of horrific abuse published in the global media too regularly, and in 2012, on average a transgendered person was murdered every 72 hours. Transphobia exists in our society and it is impossible to ignore.

Including the term "transphobia" in the dictionary is not about accepting the horrible hate crimes that take place, it is about giving recognition to all those who go through a daily struggle because of the state of our society. It's about identifying the attitudes that deny the transgender community equality and respect.

Members of the transgender community experience victimisation purely because of their gender expression; for expressing the person that they truly are. Entering "transphobia" into the dictionary will both educate people about the stigma that transgender people face and prove that this vulnerable community is not invisible.

The Oxford English Dictionary is one of the most renowned dictionaries in the world and even includes the vernacular and rather derogatory term ‘Chav’, yet it does not include a word used to describe the terrible prejudice faced by a whole subsection of society, and neither, in fact, does the dictionary and spell check of the most popular word possessor Microsoft Word. The omission of the word "transphobia" from the dictionary could in fact be said to be a reflection of the transphobia in our society.

People are people regardless of gender identity or expression and the terms that identify their life experiences deserve to be recognised. We must advocate the rights of the transgender community at this time of civil progression and make sure that no one gets left behind in the discrimination of the past.

It is said that the beginning of overcoming a problem is identifying it.



To submit the word "transphobic" and/or "transphobia" to the Oxford English Dictionary please use the following link:

Recent signatures


    1. Oxford English Dictionary officially recognises "transphobia" as a word!

      Congratulations to everyone. "Transphobia" is now included in the Oxford English Dictionary as part of the 2013 set of new words.

      This would not have been possible without every signature on here. Each and every one of you has made this possible.

      The first step to curing a problem is to identify it, and today we identified transphobia.

      The Oxford English Dictionary And Microsoft Office Will Officially Recognize "Transphobia"

      Following an online petition that garnered over 9,000 signatures, The Oxford English Dictionary and Microsoft Office Dictionary have announced that they will include the word "transphobia" in the 2013 editions of both. Finally, we won't see a squiggly red line every time we post about Fox News!

    2. Reached 9,000 signatures
    3. Microsoft Add "Transphobia" to the Dictionary

      We received the following message from Microsoft Office:

      "We agree and are adding “transphobia” to the Microsoft Office Dictionary; look for it in the next dictionary update in May."

      Together we have added "transphobia" to the Microsoft Office dictionary. Although we celebrate this victory, we still have one more to fight: We need to keep the pressure on the Oxford English Dictionary to ensure that "transphobia" is part of their next update.

    4. Oxford Dictionaries Considering the Inclusion of "Transphobia"

      We received the following in an email from the Oxford English Dictionary:

      "We can confirm that ‘transphobia’ is currently being monitored for inclusion in Oxford Dictionaries."

      Our petition is being heard. Now, more than ever, we need to keep the pressure on, keep signing and keep sharing. Oxford English Dictionary knows what we want, but we need them to take action.

      Thank you for your ongoing support and for sharing this petition with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

    5. Reached 1,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Abdul Qadeer KARACHI, PAKISTAN
      • 9 months ago

      oxford dictionery is very important for me due to learning and teaching new words

      • 9 months ago

      Equality should be important to everyone.

    • jn nilu KATHMANDU, NEPAL
      • 12 months ago

      for my laptop

      • over 1 year ago

      OK !!!!!!!!!

    • Francis Rupert Legge OTTAWA, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago



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