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Outsource Animal Services

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      Advocates For DeKalb Animals


Since the DeKalb Animal Services Task Force report was accepted and embraced by the DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis in March of 2012, very little progress has occurred inside the current shelter.  After much research and soul-searching, many DeKalb Animal Advocates are now convinced that outsourcing the animal services operation is the only way to achieve significant meaningful change in a short period of time. 

If Animal Services were to be outsourced to a knowledgeable, not-for-profit whose own mission is lifesaving with documented, successful experience in animal sheltering and home-finding, we stand a far better chance of making the significant shift toward humane care and successful home-based outcomes than if we continue the status quo.  The status quo perpetuates the conditions outlined in the Task Force report that were characterized as a “chamber of horrors” including high euthanasia and low adoption rates, a kennel rife with filth and disease, and ill-equipped and untrained officers and staff.

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    • Lauren Crowther CUMMING, GA
      • almost 2 years ago

      The statistics of missing, found dead in facility, and euthanized animals in the Dekalb County Animal Shelter is appalling and devastating. PLEASE let's stop this now!! These animals deserve a fair chance and quality of life, even in their last few days.

    • Sarah Piland SUWANEE, GA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I am an animal advocate for all animals in all shelters, but being an Atlanta native, I know how bad the conditions are in this particular shelter and it is sad and unacceptable. These poor animals have done nothing to deserve to be treated this way and if we do not advocate for them, who will? They have no voice, and the onus belongs to us to responsibly speak for these poor animals. Please--let's get this oursourcing started so we can make some progress for these cats and dogs. Thank you.

    • Shivani Kapoor DECATUR, GA
      • about 2 years ago

      These animals deserve a better chance at life – not a most-likely death sentence. People who actually know what they are doing should be in position of power, not someone who doesn't care about the well-being of these animals.

    • Donette Hatcher DACULA, GA
      • about 2 years ago

      what is best for the animals should always be our first priority

    • Pat Berryhill ATLANTA, GA
      • about 2 years ago

      Because I am an animal lover! On my own I have found homes for over 20 cats - but the need is so great. DeKalb County Animal Control SUCKS (and so does Fulton County, by the way.) It's time for a change!


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