Release Canada's only captive orca, Kiska to a sea pen or a more appropriate facility.
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Release Canada's only captive orca, Kiska to a sea pen or a more appropriate facility.

    1. Petition by

      Ontario Captive Animal Watch (OCAW)

Kiska is a female orca (killer whale) who was captured from Iceland roughly 40 years ago and has resided at Marineland, Canada in Niagara Falls Ontario ever since. She has birthed five calves there and all of them have died untimely deaths. The eldest of her calves, Athena living to the age of six. Kiska "lives" alone in a concrete tank and her physical and mental well being is of great concern to us as we are witnessing her physical and mental health deteriorate rapidly.

Dr. Naomi Rose, a marine mammal scientist has had the opportunity to meet Kiska. She has said that `Kiska is the worlds loneliest orca,`and for good reason:


We feel that Marineland is in violation of the OSPCA Act Standards Of Care and we are asking WHY Kiska is not receiving help from the OSPCA. We feel that without an immediate removal to a sea pen or even another captive facility which can better facilitate her, she will die alone, in a concrete tank. The funds will be raised to assist in her removal but she needs a voice and the only organization that can make this a reality for her is the OSPCA. We would like to also understand why Kiska has to endure such physical and emotional pain when it is obviously not humane and in fact, criminal. Perhaps her only crime was being born a whale......below are sections of the OSPCA Act we feel Marineland is in violation of and again, we would like to know WHY there has not been any action taken to have this animal removed from her life threatening situation.



2. (2)- Every animal must be provided with adequate and appropriate medical attention (Kiska has no teeth and her dorsal fin will soon be non existent if not removed. How long must she endure these health issues until she receives adequate and appropriate care?)

3- Every animal must be provided with the care necessary for its general welfare (keeping a female orca in a tank, alone is simply criminal)

6- Every animal must be provided with adequate and appropriate

(a) space to allow the animal to move naturally and to exercise (orcas naturally swim 100's of miles per day.....Kiska however swims in repeated circles rimming the edge of a concrete tank. Hardly "natural")

(b) sanitary conditions (on several occasions we have noticed plastic floating in her tank, filthy bottoms, murky dirty water)


2- Wildlife kept in captivity must be provided with a daily routine that facilitates and stimulates natural movement and behaviour. (again, sadly not the case for Kiska)

3- Wildlife kept in captivity MUST BE KEPT IN COMPATIBLE SOCIAL GROUPS to ensure the general welfare of the individual animals and of the group and to ensure that each animal in the group is not at risk of injury or undue stress from dominant animals of the same or a different species.

(Again, KISKA LIVES ALONE. Horrible fate for an orca or any being for that matter)

We are asking that the OSPCA enforce their very own Standards of Care for ALL ANIMALS and do what is obviously best for Kiska. We are willing to work with them to raise the funds to move Kiska but time is of concern as her health is rapidly declining. We have these standards for a reason. Why are they not being enforced? Again, we are willing to work with you. We could also arrange for an independant panel of experts to come assess Kiska to determine what her state is and what they would best reccomend for her.


For more information, please see petition letter below.

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    1. The Case For Kiska

      We will be meeting with the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services office who oversees the OSPCA next week to make our case for Canada's only captive orca, Kiska. At this time we also plan on delivering each and every one of your signatures to them.

      WHAT YOU CAN DO? Please keep sharing this petition within the next few days so we can gain as many last signatures as we can and more importantly, keep Kiska in your thoughts.

      Thank you for your support

    2. Reached 12,500 signatures
    3. Our recent visit to Marineland & an update on Kiska's health

      After a visit to the facility (7/27/2014) we documented a depression behind Kiska's blowhole as seen in the image for this petition. We spoke with former-SeaWorld trainer, Dr. Jeffrey Ventre, and he noted the following, "When orcas lose weight, and are approaching death, they get what's called a "peanut head," due to the depression behind the blowhole". This is incredibly concerning to us. We also spoke with Dr. Naomi Rose and she also confirmed the following, "As for the depression behind her blowhole, that is definitely "peanut-head" - and yes, it is caused by weight loss. She is underweight".

      We also have a video of Kiska getting her teeth irrigated as well as more information about the peanut-head that can be found here:

      This petition, along with news of Kiska's decline after our latest visit to the facility was featured in two articles online:

      Please continue to share our petition and encourage others to sign it. Thank you so much for being a voice for Kiska!

      Kiska's painful teeth irrigation at Marineland, Canada 2014

      The video was taken July 27th, 2014 at Marineland, Canada by OCAW. For more information on this org please visit: Please share this video to show the immense suffering this lone orca is facing every day of her life.

    4. Reached 1,500 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Hannah Oosterhuis TILBURG, NETHERLANDS
      • about 3 hours ago

      Orcas should not be held captive. Ever.

    • Madison MacKay WAVERLEY, CANADA
      • about 11 hours ago

      I'm signing this because no living creature deserves to be treated this way. I want Kiska to be happy when she dies.

    • Cory Miller GASPORT, NY
      • about 11 hours ago

      Orca's don't belong in captivity

      • about 12 hours ago

      Orcas belong to the sea. Their captivity is very much like forced work in a prison, they are forced to do stupid treaks that go agains Nature. Have compassion and let her be free..let her live in open sea. Thanks. DCB

    • jennifer mccullough WARRINGTON, PA
      • about 13 hours ago

      Orcas and dolphins should live in the wild and not in tanks! So sad 


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