Oprah: Please Make a "Honk for Saudi Women" Video
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Oprah: Please Make a "Honk for Saudi Women" Video

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      Saudi Women for Driving سعوديات يطالبن بالقيادة


You are adored throughout Saudi Arabia, a country often described as the world's largest women's prison and the only place on earth where women are not allowed to drive.

For the first time in more than two decades, we Saudi women are rising up, demanding the right to vote and taking to the streets in the drivers seat. 

Protesting the de facto ban on female drivers, IT Specialist and Saudi mother Manal Al-Sharif was recently arrested, jailed, and required to promise to give up encouraging women to take the wheel.

Since then, several more women have been arrested driving.

Oprah, in this critical moment, we Saudi women need your voice!

Won't you honk to support us? All we ask is that you join the "Honk for Saudi Women" movement: take a short video of yourself saying you support Saudi women's right to drive, honk you car horn, and send the YouTube link to honkforsaudiwomen@change.org.

Thanks Oprah! We love you!

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    1. Reached 2,500 signatures
    2. Women in NJ Organize First "Honk for Saudi Women" Group Video!

      Nearly two dozen participated in a caravan driving and honking to support Saudi Women's Driving Rights in Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA.

    3. Reached 2,000 signatures
    4. US Refuses To Condemn Saudi Women’s Detention

      Women’s rights activists have launched a Change.org campaign after a spokesperson from the US State Department refused to condemn the detention of women for driving in Saudi Arabia.

    5. Social Media Fuels Women2Drive Campaign

      As the campaign continues to gather support every day, we have more and more women tweeting about their successful driving experiences in Saudi...

    6. Saudi Women’s Driving Campaign Launches Facebook Ads

      Saudi Arabian women’s rights activists, looking to overturn the kingdom’s ban on female drivers, have added a new social layer to their movement by launching Facebook ads about their Subaru campaign.

    7. T-Shirts, Fliers, Bumper Stickers and Ribbons!

      Saudi Women for Driving has produced a series of T-Shirts, fliers, bumper stickers and ribbons to encourage other Saudi women to exercise their right to drive. They'll be given out in Saudi cities. Click the link above to download the design.

    8. Our Saudi Sisters Ask Subaru for Help

      We often take things that we have easy access to for granted. I live just an hour away from some of the greatest skiing in the world, yet I haven’t been skiing in close to a decade...

    9. Saudi women fight ban: Vehicle for change

      SOME critics have belittled the efforts of a thus far small group of Saudi Arabian women who have recently defied the kingdom’s religious — and, in practice, legal — ban against females driving.

    10. Jeddah woman driver accelerates campaign

      Rima al-Mukhtar of the Arab News reports that women in the Kingdom continue to drive, making videos of themselves, then tweeting about it on-line.

    11. Washington Post: Human rights spotlight: Saudi Arabian women want to drive

      It has absorbed the Western media because it is clear, easy to understand and outrageous. That would be Saudi Arabia’s ban on women driving...

    12. Honking for Saudi women, in a car and online

      Last Friday, women activists used 21st century technology to promote the right to use a 20th century invention: social media and cars...

    13. Reached 1,500 signatures
    14. Victory! Hillary Clinton praises Saudi Women’s right to drive campaigns

      US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday publicly threw her support behind a campaign by Saudi women to lift a ban on female driving in the conservative oil-rich kingdom... more details soon!

    15. Clinton Opts for 'Quiet Diplomacy' on Saudi Women Driving Standoff

      Spokesperson: "I think she is making a judgment on how best to support universal human rights for women. There are times when it makes sense to do so publicly and there are times for quiet diplomacy."

    16. Reached 1,000 signatures
    17. AP: Activists ask Clinton to help Saudi women drivers

      Press all over the world is covering the push to get Clinton to make a public statement.

    18. Reached 500 signatures
    19. US House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has publicly expressed her support for "Honk for Saudi Women", an initiative founded in support of the Saudi Women for Driving campaigns on

    20. Six members of Congress have written an open letter publicly declaring solidarity with Manal Al-Sharif, the Saudi mother arrested a month ago for driving her own car

    21. At least 45 women drove today, making June 17 the largest women's rights protest in Saudi history... and it's only the beginning

    22. Honk to Support Saudi Women’s Driving Rights

    23. CBS: Honk for Saudi Women and help give them the basic right to drive


    Reasons for signing

    • Willis Stuckey OCALA, FL
      • almost 3 years ago

      I'm all in favor of women throughout the world driving as long as they remove their viel. I like to be able to see who is behind the wheel that is driving towards me.

    • Ambassador Nur Mohammed DHAKA, BANGLADESH
      • almost 3 years ago

      I must supported to the Saudi Women Driving Rights. I thing it's not only for Women Rights, It is Human Rights.

    • Dolores Tilton LOMBARD, IL
      • almost 3 years ago

      I am an American and I believe every country can be empowered by the masses if they have a voice. Doesn't Saudi Arabia see the potential power they will have if they would let woman too have a voice in their country?

    • Renee Franco ATLANTA, GA
      • about 3 years ago

      The reason for signing should be obvious to all men and women. Women hold up half the sky and more.

    • Dian Huff Kiser SACRAMENTO,, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      A Wish For Saudi Women: Less flogging and whipping and more driving. Keep Driving!!


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