Oppose HB 1080 - Allows Cities to Ban ANY Breed of Dog
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Oppose HB 1080 - Allows Cities to Ban ANY Breed of Dog

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      Best Friends Animal Society

March 2011


Illinois has been a model for dangerous dog legislation that judges dogs based on behavior rather than appearance. But HB 1080 threatened to change that and open the door for breed specific legislation throughout the state. More than 4,000 Change.org members joined Best Friends Animal Society in opposing the legislation. 

Best Friends Animal Society reported: "Because of Change.org activists, canine profiling will still be illegal in the Land of Lincoln. Because of the outcry, Rep. Bradley chose not to bring HB 1080 to hearing because he did not have the votes to pass it."

Since the Ryan Armstrong Act passed in 2003, Illinois has had one of the best dangerous dog/reckless owner laws in the nation. An important part of this law is that it prevents cities or counties from enacting any breed specific laws. Why? Canine profiling simply doesn't work to create safe humane communities.

Breed discriminatory laws target a dog's appearance, not the dogs behavior or that of its owner. Breed Specific laws are also incredibly expensive to enforce. According to Best Friends Breed Discriminatory Fiscal Impact Calculator, if the state enacted a breed discriminatory law it would cost over $17,000,000 a year to enforce.

Best Friends Animal Society opposes breed discrimination. All dogs are individuals. Please sign the petition to help stop this legislation and save the lives of dogs.

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    2. HB 1080 has been assigned to the Ag Committee and may be heard this week. Keep letting legislators know you oppose it!

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    4. Illinois Rep. Wants to Allow Canine Profiling in the Land of Lincoln

      Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich did at least one good thing when he was in office — he signed the Ryan Armstrong Act into law. When Ryan was a little boy, he went to pet a stray Rottweiler and was attacked. The dog had been chained and used to...

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    • carolina quinn BOCA RATON, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      BSL is wrong!That is why we do not do it to people.Like humans each dog has its own personality,do not judge by looks.Besides, there is a test that most people cannot even pick the"pitbull" from other dogs.More education is needed and there is plenty out there, and plenty of us who fight FOR THE"PITBULLS".A dog is a dog period.Its all in how you raise the dog as a child is not born bad but how it is raised.If we as humans all get together and stop dog fighting and these low lives, this would not be happening.The ones that need the most education is the news media! Do they realize how stupid they sound when they report and have no clue what kind of dog they are talking about.Any dog can bite whether the ankle biters or the large breed dogs,one breed is no more aggressive than the other.I find it amazing how fast you'll put down a dog but a murder will go free.Start punishing the owners of the dogs-THE DOGS ARE THE VICTIMS.WE MUST PROTECT THEM!WE ARE THEIR VOICE FOR THEY CANNOT SPEAK!

    • Sonya Hathcoat BELLWOOD, IL
      • over 3 years ago

      Banning breeds is so unfair, especially when “Pit Bull” consist of so many breeds, because the community is uneducated about the use of the term. People see any muscular big headed dog and call it a Pit Bull, when people forget a true pit bull shouldn’t be a huge dog, but a medium sized human friendly dog. How can you ban “Pit Bulls”? America’s true pride in a family dog. Just up the stakes on OFF LEASH laws, and PROMOTE Pit Bull type training! The community should come together to help this breed be the best they can be, not try to break up families and their loving pets. People freak out when one attack happens, and forget that it can be estimated that for every Pit Bull who kills, there are 10.5 MILLION that DON’T! These breeds are NOT typically human aggressive, the problem is the back yard breeds and mutts made, they are breed for looks and not temperament, why doesn’t the law say something about BACK YARD BREEDING?? There are too many dogs for people to be breeding Pitty types everyday, and then they end up loose and neglected, or in animal control. You shouldn’t be banning a dog type, you should be focusing on where they are all coming from, educate, and help the rescues promote training and the responsibility that comes with having a dog. And screen he adopters and provide at least one free training session. This is America’s breed.

      “Owners failing to spay or neuter animals not used for competition, show, or in a responsible breeding program. In 2006, 97% of the fatal attacks were the result of one or more of these reckless or criminal ownership practices.”

      “According to the American Temperament Testing Association, APBTs have an 85.3% passing rate, compared to a passing rate of 81.9% for all breeds on average. ”

    • Adrienne Clegg SACRAMENTO, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      This is just wrong.

    • Janet Ventress PONTIAC, IL
      • over 3 years ago

      Profiling of any kind is wrong! We must make our voices heard.

    • Tiffany hale NEW ATHENS, IL
      • over 3 years ago

      not all dogs are bad it how they are trained and treated,its not the dogs fault it the people for not having common sense


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