Release the true, complete, unsubsidized costs of Nuclear Power Generation.
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Release the true, complete, unsubsidized costs of Nuclear Power Generation.

    1. Andrew Hill
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      Andrew Hill

      Mt. Albert, Ont., Canada

The "hidden accounting" that occurs within the Electrical system in the Province of Ontario presents an inaccurate "cost" of electrical power to the consumer. The "levelized cost" and "averaging" that is presented to consumers is not a true and accurate representation of the true and actual "all in" prices of power generation by fuel type. The Ministry of Energy, the Ontario Power Generation Corp., The Ontario Energy Board, The Independent Electricity System Operator, the Ontario Power Authority, the Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation and Hydro One consistently mis-represent the true and actual cost of electricity as billed to the consumer through "creative reporting" and seperations of all costs involved, in particular on the costs of Nuclear Power Generation.
The practices of averaging pricing, 'hiding' debt, discounting interest, not accounting for guaranteed power purchase agreement transfers to private generators such as Bruce Power for power not provided, not including the costs of retiring "stranded debt" for said Bruce Power facilities, not including the future remediation, decommissioning and waste disposal and storage costs and covering the costs of potential liability from nuclear accidents and so forth do not give the true and accurate price of Nuclear Power to the Province's taxpayers who are A) the consumers of this power and B) are responsible for paying the "hidden" costs.

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    1. Reached 100 signatures
    2. 2 days and 6 signatures to hit 100!

      Andrew Hill
      Petition Organizer

      Nail biting time!!! Will we breach 100 signatures in the next 2 days? Lets hope so.

      A huge thank you to the folks at the Ontario Clean Air Alliance for adding our petition to their newsletter....if that doesn't push us over this week, I don't know what will!

    3. OVER 80--Well done!

      Andrew Hill
      Petition Organizer

      80 signatures and climbing....keep up the good work!
      if ech of you get 2 more people to sign this week, and each of those people can get 2 more to sign the next week, then each of THOSE get 2 to sign the following week.....we'll be at over 1,200 signatures by the end of the month!
      With over 1,000 supporters, we could have a serious conversation with "friendly" MPP's and get them to bring our petion up in Legislature. If we can hit 2,500...we may even be able to have a private bill tabled!
      Keep it up, and thank you all again!

    4. Reached 50 signatures
    5. Fantastic!!! We nearly doubled our support in ONE DAY!!!!

      Andrew Hill
      Petition Organizer

      Keep up the good work folks, overnight we added 20 more supporters! I am impressed!
      Lets keep going.......galvanize your efforts and mobilise you social networking skills....let's see how fast we can hit the 100 mark!
      We can also all support another petition from the Clean Air Alliance about not having cost over-runs be shouldered by the taxpayers of the province if there is a new build or refurbishment of a nuclear plant in Ontario.....if that is successful as well; the Government would definitely think twice as the contractor's bids would be enourmous!

    6. We have reached 25+ supporters!!!!

      Andrew Hill
      Petition Organizer

      We have just crossed the 25 supporter mark on the petition! Thank-you to all who have signed on so far.
      To really make an impact, we need to reach 1,000 or more....activate your social networks, families and friends....let's try and have a seriously large number of participants by the time the Ontario Legislature resumes in September....with enough signatures we may even be able to have an MPP table a motion on the floor to have our question answered.
      Thank you all again, and keep up the good work!

    7. Reached 25 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 10 months ago

      “ Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water. Don't sit this one out. Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet.” ~Carl Sagan

    • Kevin LeGrand OSHAWA, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      We need all the facts...anything less is pandering to special interests and not in the publics interest. Nuclear is too risky and not enough insurance for industry. Too expensive and riddled with over and undersupply issues like renewables that is giving producers too many guarantees. The government has to justify paying for the extra billions required to build the thousands of megawatts needed to match peak load for a couple of times a year as opposed to importing it from Quebec with no added cost and actually generate savings.

    • Jocelne Pelletier LITTLE CURRENT, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      Cheers Andrew! It's about time we hold these entities accountable. I AGREE!

    • John Vroom NEWMARKET, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Truth matters

    • william todd TORONTO, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      We need a clear and transparent cost presented to make informed decisions


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