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The daily physical assaults and attempted murder reprisals and torture endured by Arthur Samuel, a Malaysian Jew (perhaps the only one), are frightening. This concerned citizen is the subject of reprisals from the Malay Muslim general public and the political Muslim UMNO government coalition leadership. They control major interests in every aspect of Malaysian society, including media, finance, legislative, police, courts, etc. and the Malay Muslim royalty claims a mandate to kill all Jews on sight. He is persecuted due to his concern about daily corruption in the country, the purchasing of voters to elect the ruling BN government with aid, food for the poor (Reach out Malaysia), while exploiting indigenous people through corruption and profiteering.

As in other Muslim countries, Malaysia is rife with anti-Semitic sermons with endorsement from the Malaysian Muslim UMNO political government party, echoing and propagating the attitudes and policies of their close ally Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

A daily sermon delivered throughout all the Muslim mosques in Malaysia was based on Qur'an 5:82, which says that the Jews are the worst enemies of Muslims. It's noteworthy that this sermon was delivered in Malaysia, half a world away from Israel: clearly the Malaysian enmity for Jews is based on Islam, not on political considerations. News headlines read, "In Friday sermon, JAWI tells Muslims Jews are No. 1 enemy,"

Malaysia is a Muslim country whose statutes conform to Islamic shariah law, and till today the perpetrators of the crimes against Arthur Samuel have never been brought to justice.

The Western world, having fallen prey to the deception and lies promoted by the government, has failed to realize the key importance of Malaysia's leading role in the global Jihardist movement. As the former President of OIC (Organization of Islamic countries) and the current secretary general of OIC and the puppet master (nicknamed "The General"), it is a conduit and focal distribution point for the Muslim Jihardist worldwide movement.

Due to Arthur Samuel's will to survive ("to live for something or die for nothing"), he has decided to file a legal suit against the perpetrators in the assault against him, and has named the following: Tengku Rozidar Zainol Abdin (Malay Muslim royalty) and CEO of 1901, Tengku Azman (UMNO district political head division and a Malay Muslim royalty),Haziq Zakir (the son of Tengku Rozidar) Yusuf Peter Nicol (a Scottish nationality convert to Islam and CEO for Amcop security company), Feexa Nicol/Ramli, Ahmad Zakir Jaafar (DAFJ), Harian Metro (the daily Malay muslim UMNO political agenda circulation newspaper), shopping center USJ Summit (owned by UMNO affiliated member), KTMB Berhad (owned by UMNO affiliated member), Royal Malaysian police and the Malaysian government .



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    • dina assiag חיפה, ISRAEL
      • 5 months ago

      to avoid another holocost

    • Len Poling YORKTON, CANADA
      • 6 months ago

      Religious freedom must be protected and persecution fought against

    • Cynthia Cuomo BRICK, NJ
      • 7 months ago

      Because Arthur Samuel is my friend and fellow Jew...his pain is my pain...may HaShem watch over Arthur always.

    • Vickie Dick BECCARIA, PA
      • 7 months ago

      Haven't you committed enough sin when you killed the Jew by the name of Jesus Christ?

    • Sharon Clark COPPELL, TAIWAN
      • 7 months ago

      Arthur Samuel must be free to leave Malaysia where he is being persecuted for being a Jew.


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