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One Bag Too Many: Ban one-time use plastic shopping bags distributed in Boulder grocery stores for a more sustainable environment!

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      Jessica Howard

      Thornton, CO

Boulder citizens are known for their appreciation of the outdoors, being health conscious, and being environmentally mindful. That’s why it makes sense that Boulder should lead by example to ban one-time use bags in grocery stores.

World-wide, consumption of plastic bags is 500 billion annually, which breaks down to 1 million bags used per minute! Here in Boulder, residents use about 41 million plastic bags per year. Nationally, it is estimated that less than 6 percent of plastic bags are recycled. Even plastic bags marketed as biodegradable take a lot of time to breakdown, especially in landfills, and the smaller, broken down pieces are more likely to enter the food chain.

In 2010 Telluride, Colorado passed an ordinance to ban the use of plastic bags. Obviously Coloradans care about our environment and should be concerned about the pollution and natural resources, such as oil, that are wasted in making these bags.

We are proposing that grocery stores in the City of Boulder ban one-time use plastic bags to encourage shoppers to bring their own. This issue has come to Boulder City Council before. In fact, New Era Colorado went to a city council meeting in May of 2011 advocating a ban or mandatory fee for single-use bags. Likewise, the Net Zero Club of Fairview High School and Summit Middle School proposed a similar initiative in June, 2011. As recently as this past January, the council has been discussing this issue.

Here we are: This can be the tipping point for change. Together, we can make this initiative successful.

By signing this petition, you are letting city officials and the stores you shop at know that the community wants a healthier lifestyle by banning one-time use plastic bags, and you have the ability to influence your community!

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    • Dyaln Mark AURORA, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      I love the Earth

    • Kelley Hestmark BOULDER, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      I think this is a GREAT idea. Single use anything should be minimized in my opinion

    • Virginia Schultz BOULDER, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      Let's just do it! No down-side for people, planet or prosperity.

    • carrie trujillo KIHEI, HI
      • over 2 years ago

      used to live in boulder, now in maui. we already do this on the island. it's just a smart thing to do.

    • Charmaine Boudreaux SNOWMASS, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      One bag at at time, one town at a time. It's time to re-think how we go about our daily lives...no, it's just time to think...period.


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