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Stop Foreclosure on Joanne Manning
  • Petitioned G. Jeffrey Records Jr., Oklahoma City Thunder owner, MidFirst Bank CEO

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Oklahoma City Thunder owner, MidFirst Bank CEO
G. Jeffrey Records Jr., Oklahoma City Thunder owner, MidFirst Bank CEO

Stop Foreclosure on Joanne Manning

    1. Bruce reilly
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      Bruce reilly

      Providence, RI

Thunder part-owner G. Jeffrey Records Jr. is Chairman and CEO of MidFirst Bank, which has $9 billion in assets and earned $256 million last year. In 2012, the OKC Thunder lit up the NBA with its drive to the NBA Finals. Thunder employees include all stars Kevin Durant, Michael Westbrook, and James Harden. The players earned $61 million. Meanwhile, Joann was laid off and fell a year behind on her mortgage payments. Now she wants to pay, and MidFirst Bank won't accept her money. They seek to evict her, make her homeless, and create another empty house in Providence, Rhode Island.

If the Oklahoma City Thunder were aware of what their ownership is doing, they could push to put a stop to this injustice.

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    • Christopher Rotondo PROVIDENCE, RI
      • over 2 years ago

      I'm signing because foreclosures and evictions are a form of class warfare against working class communities of color. They are the frontline battles of the massive transfer of wealth to the rich from those in the working class who managed to secure generational wealth in the form of a home. I also know Joann and work with her, and will not see her put out in the street for the sake of some millionaires' whim or the protection of capital.

    • Patricia Smith BARRINGTON, RI
      • over 2 years ago

      I am signing because this is a typical example of the kind of abuse of power and money that is threatening our country.


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