Ohio Parole Board: Approve The Parole Of James Robert Farley (A329712)
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Ohio Parole Board: Approve The Parole Of James Robert Farley (A329712)

    1. Brittany Farley-Sells
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      Brittany Farley-Sells

      Columbus, OH

I've Made This Petition On Behalf Of My Father, James Robert Farley. Who Is Not Only An Honest And Brave Man But Has Been My Father Behind Bars For Almost 19 Years Now. The Facts Reguarding His Sentencing Are Not Very Accurate And I Believe He Did Not Get a Very Fair Trail. I'm Coming To Everyone Today Asking For Help. My Fathers Parole Is Coming Up And I Need As Many Signatures As Possible To Help Ensure His Release. My Father Is Far Away From Being "Dangerous To Society".

The Next Couple Paragraghs Are Words From James Robert Farley Himself:

 I Hereby Petition To Those Who Are My Support Systems And Desire My Home Coming To Endorse This Foregoing Plea To The Aforementioned Appointed Committee And Stand With Me As One.
Time Passes, Laws Change, People Change, And My Heart Has Changed Because I Have Realized Freedom Without Love Or Charity Is Unworthy; That Success Is Not About How Many People We Know Or Money We Have, Its About How Much Of a Positive Difference We've Made In Other Peoples Lifes. Happiness Of Heart Leads To True Riches, Riches Do Not Lead The Heart To Happiness. Happiness Is Not a Place Or a Time, It's a Moving Existence In One's Being, At Peace With The Maker Dwelling In Unity With Those That Are Like Wise, Knowing That Our Strengths Are Only Gathered By Our Weaknesses. Forgiveness Being An Equal Key To Understanding Our Highest Power; As I've Driven To My Knees More Times Than One, For Lack Of No Where Else To Go.
I Realize There Are Some Who Believe Change Is Not Possible. Eagerly Twisting Facts Into Existing Suppositions. Ignoring The Obvious; Selecting The Irrelevant. Spinning It All Into a Tapesty Of Self-deception Solely To Justify Their Own Desired Outcome.
I Stand Brave Taking Action; But It Is Impossible To Be Brave Without First Being Afraid. To Take Action Without Fear Is To Be Foolish. I Call The Church, My Family, And Support Syatem "This Day" To Help Me Stand So That The Public And Parole Board Will Be Comfortable And Insured To My Successful Release And Return To Society.

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    • cynthia george COLUMBUS, OH
      • 11 months ago

      my cousin is a great honest person and always there for u when u need him though anything. I think he deserves a second chance of life please let him out. its hard out here in some places and u have to defend your self that's called bullying and u have to fight when they come at u he shouldnt get this long or any more time in there for watching his own back. again please let him out hes a great guy to everyone around him

    • nina allen COLUMBUS, OH
      • 11 months ago

      i think my cousin is not a killer. i believe. he deserves second. chance..good person. .

    • tina ruff COLUMBUS, OH
      • about 1 year ago

      He deserves to come home

    • c c COLUMBUS, OH
      • over 1 year ago

      he has 4 children, 6 grandchildren, iam the mother of his children we all want him in our lives. ive been in his life for well over 20 years. he has a good heart, he has always been caring. i know he should be released. he has alot of family and friends to make sure that he will be ok if he is realeased. he is welcome to live in my home and i will reteach him life. driver licences, help him find a job. he has mine and his childrens and his mothers and many mores full support. please approve his parole, thank you for your time.

    • Michele r. Brown CARDINGTON, OH
      • almost 2 years ago

      he was just a kid when it happened and he was scared and i tink hes been in there long enough. let his kids have him for a while. he had a bumb deal anyway. I grew up with him and believe me he was not a viiolent person that i ever seen.


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