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Ohio legislators: Call a moratorium on fracking to protect municipal drinking water sources.

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      Fran Teresi

      Garrettsville, OH

A moratorium on hydraulic fracturing is needed until ODNR regulations are strengthened to ensure the drilling is done safely. Regulations should be strengthened for drilling in municipalities' EPA Water Source Protections Areas to protect drinking water sources. Municipalities should be given at least 6 months advance warning of drilling in order to get easements on land to drill monitoring wells. Drilling companies should pay for those monitoring wells. As has been done in Texas, Arkansas and Wyoming, Ohio should require drillers to reveal their chemicals for fracturing at each drilling site, so drillers could be identified and held accountable for accidents or negligence. Drillers should pay for independent labs to test water before drilling occurs and annually thereafter. Fines for accidents and negligence should be increased. As a preventive measure, the number of drilling inspectors needs to be increased from 30 to 200 as PA did after numerous drilling mishaps. Current Ohio regulations supersede local zoning laws and do not protect EPA Water Source Protection Areas from being hydraulically fractured for natural gas. ODNR has told the Village of Garrettsville that if our water aquifer becomes contaminated, we would have to relocate our well fields. Where to go and who will pay was not discussed. EPA advised us to drill monitoring wells along the 3-year water travel perimeter of our well fields to detect any contamination. That would give us three years to figure out what to do if our water becomes contaminated. We are a small village of 25oo residents. We cannot afford many monitoring wells at a cost of $10,2000. each We cannot afford court battles. We cannot win a court battle if we cannot identify the driller that caused any contamination. It seems to be a lose-lose situation when it comes to municipalities (and individuals) trying to protect their drinking water sources. Why does Ohio need to suffer the same problems drillers are causing in NY, MD, PA and other states? Can't we learn from mistakes made by drillers in other states and try to prevent them in Ohio? Who pays for our village's trying to be pro-active in protecting its drinking water? Who pays to replace our drinking water if it becomes contaminated? Or does Garrettsville just keep its collective fingers crossed as we sit atop Utica Shale and hope our water aquifers are never affected by the hydraulic drilling that will occur in this area? As a trustee of Garrettsville's Board of Public Affairs in charge of maintaining water and waste water services for our village, it is hard to sit still in front of this steam roller and do nothing....... Sincerely concerned, Fran Teresi, Trustee Garrettsville Board of Public Affairs

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    • Lauren Stamm MORGANTOWN, WV
      • about 3 years ago

      Hello Friends! Lets keep the cycle of Fracking petition Karma going and sign all of them! I signed your fracking petition can you please sign my small town’s fracking ban initiative for West Virginia. We are coal country we don’t need to be raped by these natural gas people too! Many thanks. We have to stop this NOW



    • Brenda Thacker BRIMFIELD, OH
      • about 3 years ago

      I can not afford to have water piped to my home and rely solely on my well. You destroy my well you destroy me. No one should have the right to drill under MY land without my permission!


    • Kyle Hackmeister WILLIAMSPORT, PA
      • about 3 years ago

      Weatherford International employee

    • John DaughertyJR GRANVILLE, OH
      • about 3 years ago

      I want clear safe drinking water PERIOD.

      • about 3 years ago

      I am especially concerned about this now that the Ohio General Assembly has voted to allow drilling for natural gas in the park lands. Also, the horizontal drilling allows for chemicals to leach into my aquifer even if I do not allow drilling on my land.


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