Allow hunting of feral cats.

Allow hunting of feral cats.

    1. Ben Siburt
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      Ben Siburt

      orrville, OH

To control and possibly eliminate the population of feral cats in the state of Ohio. I would like to see how many people sign without reading the petition.

Allow hunting of feral cats. Feral cats are a destroying the native populations of small mammals and song birds. Hunting has been used effectively in the control of other animals in the state. Hunting would be effective in the control of feral cats.

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    • hang Le MARIETTA, GA
      • 9 months ago

      Cat is an intruder has been brought in by human. Kill cats to save 10 billion of birds a year.

      Cat poop transmits diseases and parasites.

    • dzung Lieng MARIETTA, GA
      • 9 months ago

      Cat kill all native species and poop in neighbor yard, which will transmit diseases and parasites.

    • Tien Lieng MARIETTA, GA
      • 9 months ago

      Did you know that to save 1 life of your cat. you have sacrificed many lives of native animals. Every animal is considered to be equal. If your cat love to live, then does a bird? Sometimes cats kill bird not because of food, but just to entertain themselves.

      If you have a cat, please keep them in your property. Cats are intruders of the native species like birds, squirrels. Moreover, your cat may poop in your neighbor's yard and destroy their property which no one would accept. If you accept to live with cat poops and parasites then you live with it. But don't force others to live the dirty environment you are living in. Do you agree for people to throw craps in your yard? If no, keep your cat poop in your property.

      There have been several cases where feral cats attack children.

      Cat is so annoyed to people who love the nature, the way the nature be without those domestic intruders (cats). So if you love cats, love them in your property. I think people should vote to make cat hunting become legal. Feral cat is a type of pest, just like fox.

      Feral cat is legal to hunt in UK and Australia and many other Europe countries for cat owners have no legal responsibility for what their pests do. Why it is different in the US???

      Cat control is very important, because cats breed very often especially when the weather is warm. So remember to fix your cat and monitor them in your property. But if you say you can't supervise your cat, you should not have one though.

      Don't be selfish to let your hobby to harm the environment and to annoy your neighbors.

      Please respect others to be respected.


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