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Create the means for a " Sports amnesty " in Australia .

    1. skippy mc carthy
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      skippy mc carthy

      kramsach, Austria

Currently Australia , a nation that leads in many Sports , has found that there are some "Athletes " with a " Tainted Background " . It is necessary for discovery and reconciliation rather than retribution ! This proposal may not be the " IDEAL WAY FORWARD " but , i hope it creates the impetus that generates the result !

SPORT Stars are " Idolised " in Australia , but , recently we are seeing " Tainted Results " and now there is " Suspicion " , perhaps unfounded , in many cases , regarding Sport Results .

This petition seeks to create a means that " Athletes " can declare their " Status " in this controversial situation !

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    • Mike Sharfp SHAWNEE, KS
      • almost 2 years ago

      I was a clean athlete that didn't use PED's but I saw signs of those that cheated and it is better that we have a level playing field for our next generation.

    • skippy mc carthy KRAMSACH, AUSTRIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Many of Australia's Sports Stars have crossed the line in what they thought was a necessary way to achieve their " Goals "! That they were wrong to do so , was Wrong ! That they deserve to be dealt with " Honestly " and given a chance to redeem themselves is Paramount for the future !

      Newcomers to Sport , deserve to know the background of those seeking to assist their careers , then they can make an informed decision about the actions they take for their future wellbeing .

      Once we know " WHO " we are dealing with , the future will be governed by " Ability " rather than " Suspicion "!


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