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Stop unfair home foreclosure action against my mom

    1. Leigh Dison
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      Leigh Dison

      Statesville, NC

My mom is just one unfortunate person in a very long line of home owners who have unfairly been taken advantage of by Ocwen Loan Servicing and their underhanded business practices. Ocwen Loan Servicing has already been the focus of several successful class action lawsuits, as well as individual litigations because of falsely leading home owners to believe that they were going to make loan modifications so as to assist those in need with keeping their homes. What makes this "loan modification" hope so unfair is that home owners are not allowed to make any payments on their mortgages while the "modification" process is in progress. What happened to my mother and many others is that even though they have completed all the necessary "modification" paperwork, and submitted it multiple times, they are always told that some part of it was either missing, illegible, or incomplete. This repeating of paperwork has translated into almost two years of worry and frustration for my mother and myself. Because of the amount of time this has taken, my mother has fallen seriously behind in her mortgage payments because she has not been allowed to make payments, and because she was already unable to make the payments as they were because of her limited disability income.

What makes this situation all the worse for us is that although my mom and I have done everything that we were told we needed to do to qualify her for a loan modification, we have just recently received letters from an attorney notifying us that my mothers home is scheduled for public auction on July 30th of this year.

Please help me in any way that you can to save my mother's home. She is very ill, has nowhere else to go, and is doing her best to provide a home for my nephew whom she has adopted.

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    • Amada L. O'Rourke CHULA VISTA, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      April 07, 2012

      Ocwen has been notified by us-O’Rourke Escandon-Family.

      We are reporting all these illegalities to the Attorney General of every State and to Mr. Richard Cordray Director of CFPB.

      To: all companies associated and Involved in this fraud with Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC “QUOTE” Helping Homeowners in what We do ™ trade mark/and it’s successors and/or assigns involved in this shameful crime

      *********Please provide your Company License for verification.******************

      TO: Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC West Palm Beach, FL 33409-648-

      Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC 2711 CENTERVILLE RD WILMINGTON,  DE  19808-1660

      Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLCcategory: Banks & Credit Unions  [Edit]

      Ocwen Loan ServicingP.O. Box 6723.(*no physical address) Springfield, OH 45501

      FAX # 888-882-1816 phone #(866) 825-9265

      Ocwen has committed a Real Estate Tort against me and my family

      RE: HOI Policy George M O’Rourke and Amada L Escandon-O’Rourke

      Stop adding FALSE BANK toxic loans to my home mortgage loan!

      I Have Called Wells Fargo N.A./Executive Trustee Serv. to report this fraud from your part.

      I am accusing you of improperly and with the intent to cause harm, pain and suffering , you are adding more false notes into my financial life and have discredited me in my credit worthiness rating.

      You Have embezzled more than $2million dollars using our name. home address , title of my home and property where I reside with my family.


      Ocwen you have been reported again to all the authorities that are investigating Banks like yours, and if our life is in danger is because of your threats and intimidation tactics.

      Sincerely, Mrs Escandon-O’Rourke HOMEOWNER.


      I called your “office” in India and all your “customers Representatives or associates” were rude and mean to me. I cried because they though is very funny that I even have TUBERCULISIS and rheumatoid arthritis! and that I don’t have medical insurance and my left lung is hurting and is difficult to breath sometimes...They laugh about my medical condition!!!!

      Our Church is praying for you to stop this attack on my family!

      Stop your harassment!

      And with no experience in Real Estate at all! One admitted that they don’t have any knowledge or even elementary school in some cases! How pathetic you are!



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