Ocean City, Maryland: Home of Religious Bigotry?
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Ocean City, Maryland: Home of Religious Bigotry?

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      Standing on the Side of Love

Anti-Islamic bigotry and hatred are coming to the coastal vacation town of Ocean City, Md. As part of the annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast with Mayor Rick Meehan on January 26, retired Lieutenant General William G. “Jerry” Boykin of the US Army has been chosen to be the special speaking guest; unfortunately he will be bringing his hateful, racist beliefs with him.

Lieutenant General Boykin has been continuously outspoken in his views that Islam is not a religion, but “a totalitarian way of life,” and that it “should not be protected under the First Amendment.” He has also stated that Muslims should not be allowed to build mosques in America, that there be no interfaith dialogue between Christians and Muslims, and that Christians must go on the offensive against Islam.

Ocean City bills itself as a family-friendly destination for people across the whole country. A prayer breakfast in the Mayor's name and attended by the city council is not a place where this sort of intolerance should be promoted.

Ask Mayor Meehan to have his name removed from the event, refuse to attend with Boykin, oppose the bigoted views of his guest, and support the inclusion of all Americans, including Muslim Americans.  We are also asking the City Council to refuse to attend.

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    1. Lt. Gen. Boykin will not speak at West Point National Prayer Breakfast

      On January 26 the mayor of Ocean City, Maryland hosted extremist anti-Muslim speaker and retired Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin at the annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. Through this petition, we sent over 1,000 messages to Mayor Rick Meehan and the city council. As a result, six out of seven members of the Ocean City city council did not attend the prayer breakfast with Lt. Gen. Boykin.

      In continuing to stand up to Boykin’s anti-Islamic rhetoric, this campaign has opposed the inclusion of the racist views of Lt. Gen. Boykin at the West Point National Prayer Breakfast on February 8. For our part, the UUA official endorser for military chaplains reached out to the Forum on Military Chaplaincy, which joined a chorus of veterans and civil liberties groups in successfully calling for his removal.

      As a result, Lt. Gen. Boykin has withdrawn himself from speaking at the West Point National Prayer Breakfast on February 8.

      Thank you for your support of religious tolerance.

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    3. BREAKING: Anti-Muslim Speaker Also A Virulent Homophobe

      Our efforts are picking up steam; we were mentioned last night in the Baltimore Sun and in several local Maryland blogs.

      Unfortunately, the speaker that Mayor Rick Meehan is hosting tomorrow, is even more extreme than we thought, and we are running out of time.

      People for the American Way has uncovered anti-LGBT statements by retired Lt. Gen. Boykin, a notorious anti-Muslim activist headlining the Ocean City, Md. Mayor's Prayer Breakfast tomorrow. Boykin spoke out against DADT repeal, saying "aberrant behavior can really tear up the integrity of the organization.” Boykin has also stated, "I do not believe that [being gay] is in any way or form sanctioned by God or by the Bible.”

      Can you help us make sure that Ocean City does not endorse this kind of hatred? Please use our Facebook Application to post a message Mayor Meehan's Facebook wall and ask him to disassociate himself from this anti-Muslim, anti-gay bigotry:


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    Reasons for signing

    • Margaret Sequeira WILLIAMSBURG, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      Ours is a nation that prides itself on religious pluralism and diversity, promoting figures who spread lies and undermine another religion are a threat to the common good of our republic. We must promote more dialogue and understanding so that our religious pluralism can flourish.

    • Jane Pennington LAUREL, MD
      • over 2 years ago

      Love is stronger than hate

    • Linda L Taber WAKEFIELD, NE
      • over 2 years ago

      This looks like a case of sheer ignorance and blind prejudice getting a public platform.

    • Judy Anderson MORGAN HILL, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      We need to stop giving divisive, bigoted, and inflamatory zealots a public forum on the taxpayers' dime..

    • Peggy Flanders SYRACUSE, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      Every religion has a form of the Golden Rule (including Islam). This is a time in our country to live up to our founding ideals and for all our citizens to accept each others' spiritual lives.


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