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      Sacramento, CA

As long as public officials are allowed to use the police and local ordinances and infractions to block our 1st Amendment right to peacifully assemble, the citizen's of the United States cannot preserve their democracy or make positive changes in the behavior of their government.  Please sign and share as far and wide as you can!

The people of the United States demand and petition the several Federal District Courts of the United States, The United States Supreme Court,  the Department of Justice and all branches of Federal law enforcement to insure that the rights of the people to peacefully assemble and to petition their government for a redress of grievances, under the United States Constitution, are judiciously and vigorously defended. In particular, we ask that federal law enforcement observe and restrain all law enforcement jurisdictions, whether local, county, state or Federal, from behaviors intended to discourage the people's rights to assemble and present themselves through the mass occupations of public spaces.

The mission of the various law enforcement institutions, jurisdictions and their agents is, in their own words, "to protect and serve" the people within those jurisdictions. However, in their presence and behavior at the numerous occupation actions across the country, law enforcement is demonstrating that it chooses to protect and serve only the few of a select body of citizens and to ignore protecting and serving the people as a whole and lawfully assembled body demanding justice from their government.

Local police in collaboration with public officials have demonstrated a clear pattern of intent to discourage the current wave of people's protests through any means, lawful or unlawful at their disposal. They have employed enforcement of "camping-ordinances", "park closing hours", "blocking sidewalks", "failure to have permits" and other technical infractions to shut down demonstrations of political and social protest. They have employed unnecessary force, provocation, applications of ad hoc rules, "kettling" and other tactics clearly meant to disrupt and discourage the people from their lawful rights of assembly and petition. They have used surveillance, threats of force, demands for "compliance", infiltration, prohibiting amplifed sound, generators,  and other tactics of intimidation and obstruction to dilute, disperse or demoralize the people's determination to demand just and necessary alterations of their government in order to preserve our democracy. The protection of this right to assemble and petition the government is fundamental to the preservation of our democracy. Its abridgment by law enforcement must end and the people must be heard, as the founding fathers insisted, as a democratic nation requires.

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    1. The charade continues - homeless used as excuse to cripple 1st Ammendment

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      Once again, claiming "equal application of the law" Sacramento officials play the homeless off against the occupy movement and insist it is some "fairness rule" which prompts them to disrupt the legitimate needs of both sides under the guise of "reasonable time, place, manner" restrictions granted them by our 1% courts. In both cases the intent is the same; to use 'forced mobility' to disrupt, weaken and ultimately destroy the capacity to be effective in their missions: the one to survive, the other to exercise their constitutional rights to assemble. At heart, it is a heartless maneuver to insure that those who have more than enough can continue to marginalize and prevent those with nothing from ever having anything. Camping ordinances and other nuisance laws are just another form of economic and political terrorism being used to subvert any and all resistance to rule by the 1%.

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    3. Some Cities Get it, Some Don't - Camping Ordinances for Valley Forge?

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      Sacramento Still Doesn't Get it - Shortly after civil rights atty Mark Merin and the ACLU threatened to file a 1st Amendment lawsuit in Federal Court, the District Attorney dropped 'unlawful assembly' charges on all arrestees. The City of Sacramento, however, true to its long history of playing cozy with the 1% and double-dealing its citizens in the back-rooms of City Hall is hanging tough, and refusing to ease up on its press of phoney "camping ordinances', 'curfews' and any other excuse it can haul out to try to make Occupy go away. Oakland, of course has been even more ruthless the past week, preferring to expose the violence the 1% is willing to use to make any threat to their hegemony disappear. Los Angeles appears to be getting it some and endorsing and accommodating its Occupy to an extent; San Francisco wavers. Some cities, like NYC/OWS are banking that winter will drive the occupiers out. I suppose they never heard of Valley Forge.

    4. Reached 1,000 signatures

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      at midnight, Sacramento Police stepped in and arrested 19 people for violating park curfew and "camping ordinances" (the same ordinances they've used to enforce mobility on the homeless for decades). No brutality, but make no mistake - attacks on people's right to assemble is a violent act of the first order. Blood may not visible, but it flows from a gaping wound in the American soul. It's one of the things this petition is designed to help prevent. Thanks everyone for signing it.

    6. Love your comments - all speak the truth to power - they lift my spirit.

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      Special to a a - all those arrested/incarcerated for drug use are political prisoners. Just chow for the law enforcement agencies. This petition is a voice for you and your brothers and sisters as well. Our prayers and thoughts. Stay safe, stay strong, stay vocal.

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      we're serious about going for 1 million signatures. And it will have impact. Support Occupy!

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    Reasons for signing

    • James Falero SALEM, VA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Actually the supreme court ruled a while back that the mission of LEOs has nothing to do with protection. They are not obligated nor paid to protect people according to the law. The "protect and serve" mantra was started by the Brady campaign and some of its precursors as an argument against private gunownership "because you don't need a gun. The police will protect you." which ignores the fact that the police break more laws than they enforce, never mind the fact that if citizens depended on cops for protection the citizens experiencing say, and armed home invasion, would be dead by the time the police showed up.

      • over 2 years ago

      To stand by those willing to stand peacefully for their beliefs regardles of country.

    • jonah smith MCMINNVILLE, OR
      • over 2 years ago

      because we should have the right to peacfully protest without being pepper sprayed or detaned

    • Frederic Schultz SAN DIEGO, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      i'm an american, i'm a lawyer, and i'm pissed off!!

    • Melody Garland Zrubek SACRAMENTO, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Things have to change and I'm tired of the everyday American being taken advantage of!


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