ObamaCare or RomneyCare… I CARE!

ObamaCare or RomneyCare… I CARE!

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You know the line that there’s no “I” in “team”?  Well, there doesn’t seem to be an “I” in ObamaCare or RomneyCare either!  Where is the voice of the consumer?  If you have an emergency and are taken to a hospital, chances are very good nobody will know anything about you or how you’d like to be treated or who to contact if you can’t speak.

With only days to go before the election, take the pledge to:

1.     Talk to your family, friends, doctors and caregivers about what you want if you have a medical emergency.

2.     Document your thoughts using MyDirectives.com – to make sure your directives are available 24/7, anywhere. It is free and secure!

3.     Think about this on Election Day: which candidates have recognized that you decide.

With only days to go before the election, I pledge:
1. To talk to my family, friends, doctors and caregivers about what I want if I have a medical emergency.

2. To document my thoughts using MyDirectives.com – to make sure my directives are available 24/7, anywhere. It is free and secure!

3. To think about this on Election Day: which candidates have recognized that I decide.

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    • Beverly Isaacson MYSTIC, IA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Because it's wrong for Big Insurance to take charge of my health, to decide who lives, and who should die. They have been standing in the way for all these years, they are now covering fewer conditions than ever before, sky-high premiums are going up faster than any time in history, and regardless of how many million$ we have paid them over the years, our money is not there when we need it! When we end up in the hospital, we find out that they won't pay; they cancel our health insurance, and won't give us back all the money we've given them for many years, to make sure we're taken care of if we have an accident, or become seriously ill. We're no longer able to work, so don't even have enough to fill prescriptions. We can't afford treatments that would save our lives. All we can do is lie in bed, at home, as our condition worsens, or until we are made homeless, because we can't pay our rent/mortgage. Lack of health insurance is the main reason for homelessness, and for preventable deaths.

      Due to a minor "preexisting condition", I haven't been able to have health insurance. Fortunately, I haven't really needed it yet. Unfortunately for my 21-yr.-old neice, her cancer was extremely painful,and her insurance company dropped her, because they found out that she had strep throat, (a preexixting condition???), when she was 3 years old! Without treatment, my neice died in 2007.

      Our health care system was disgraceful, almost the worst in the civilized world! We were number 37, just below Costa Rica!!! America should be number one. No wonder India, China, Japan, and other countries are passing us by. How can we hope to compete if we can't even make sure our people are the best they can be?

      Well, soon we WILL all be able to have health insurance. No matter how close to death we are, insurance companies will have to insure us. When we need their help, (that we have been paying for), they won't be able to drop us, and keep all our money. We will have the assurance, and peace of mind, that we will be taken care of, and receive the best treatment available. Insurance companies will no longer make the decisions about which treatments they will allow us to have, and which ones will be denied. The "middle man" will be removed. Our treatment will be decided between patient and doctor, without insurance companies refusing to pay for certain treatments.

      Soon, all that heartache and hassle will be a thing of the past. Every American will be able to buy good, dependable health insurance, no matter how sick or feeble we are when we get it. Insurance will have to pay for all treatments, prescriptions, and long hospital stays.

      Those on Medicare can already rest assured that they will always receive the best of care, because the messed-up system has been revolutionized, and will be there for us until at least 2037!

      Thanks to President Obama, we will all have peace of mind, knowing that we won't be made homeless if we get sick, or if we have an accident. We will have the treatment recommended by our doctor, NOT Big Insurance. We can't be drpped, we will be insured even with preexisting conditions, EVEN CHILDREN WITH CANCER can't be turned away anymore!!!

      Our hard-earned tax dollars will no longer be needed to pay for people who can't get insurance. We spend exhorbitant amounts on emergency rooms all over the Country,full of people who are uninsured. Soon everyone will be insured, so we will all just pay our own low insurance rates, not high taxes to pay emergency room bills for millions of strangers. Our sick children will be insured, even for congenital problems! At last, after many, many years, I will also be able to get health insurance.

      Other benefits, too numerous to mention here, will soon help us get out of our disgraceful 37th place, and catapult America to number one in the world. That day can't get here soon enough...

      ROLL ON 2014!

    • Janet Mudrak WARREN, MI
      • almost 2 years ago

      We the people, not others to choose for us.

    • Gail Metzger RIVERSIDE, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Very important I don't want Obama ahything

    • nina flora ELDON, MO
      • almost 2 years ago

      OUR HEALTH CARE IS VERY NECESSARY BUT this bill has too much bad thngs for seniors.

      • almost 2 years ago

      i dont now.


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