Support SGT Gray with his battle for his daughters
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Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission
Presiding Judge of the Family Division
Oakland County Court Judge Elizabeth Pezzetti

Support SGT Gray with his battle for his daughters

    1. Casey Gray
    2. Petition by

      Casey Gray

      Odessa, TX

February 2014


The House of Representatives PASSED HR 4201 and referred it to the Senate where the bill died in the 112th Congress. H.R. 1898 was recently introduced in the 113th Congress. Bottom line is that this petition garnered support for Military parents. Thank you for you support.


I, SGT Casey Gray, was called to Active Duty in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2011. I was in the midst of a child custody case in Oakland County, Pontiac, Michigan. The HON Elizabeth Pezzetti was assigned to preside over my the case. The HON Pezzetti was a raised within an Army family and had an immediate bias to the case. She announced in court February 2011 that she could hear two weeks of negative testimony of the mother and she would still never give custody to the father because he was a soldier in the US Army. She warned the father that he should reconsider his bid for custody.

While deployed Sargeant Gray was severly injured in a helicopter crash and medically evacuated to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio Texas. He suffered a TBI (traumatic brain injury), 6 skull fractures, fractured humerous, bilateral bony hamstring avulsions, bilateral labrum tears and many more injuries. Mrs. Zehel was flown to BAMC with the children to visit their father, the injured Sargeant. Subsequently Mr. Gray was assaulted by Mrs Zehel at BAMC and she was asked to leave the facility and transported back to Michigan.

During court precedings the HON Pezzetti was presented with evidence of the assault, a suicide attempt by Mrs Zehel and evidence of her use of anti depression medication. Sergeant Gray begged the court to protect the children and provide medical assistance to Mrs Zehel and provide custody to Sergeant Gray in the best interest of the children.

The Honorable Pezzetti refused to allow Sergeant Gray any custody of the Children and refused to acknowledge any of the presented evidence in the case. In fact in February 2012 the HON Pezzetti only allowed three hours of visitation with the children. When Sergeant Gray asked for more vistiation the Judge responded " I gave you three hours What else do you want?" Sergeant Gray responded " I want what is best for my daughters and that is full custody with me their father."

Sergeant Gray filed a complaint with the Judicial Tenure Board to have the investigate the wrong doings by the Honorable Pezzetti, but was served with a letter stating that the Vice Chairman of the board recused herself becuase of a friendship with Judge Pezzetti, yet the board refused to investigate Judge Pezzetti.

Since this time there have been several motions filed with the Oakland County Court including a request for the Judge to dismiss herself and a new trial to begin. The Honorable Pezzetti has refused and further violated Sergeant Grays 14th Amendment rights by refusing to allow a proper trial and refusing to allow access to the children.

As it stands Sergeant Gray has served our great country since JUNE of 1999 he is a combat veteran who has fought to protect us and yet he is not afforded the right to even visit his children.

The Honorable Pezzetti has further attempted to silence Sergeant Gray by cutting off his income. She ordered nearly $1600 USD a month in Child support from his meager $2800 paycheck, knowing that he already pays $800 a month for a six year old son. This brings his monthly child support obligations to $2400 a month from a $2800 a month check. The Honorable Pezzetti also authorized a debt of over $9,000 USD in back child support.

This un honorable and deplorable Judge must be stopped. Fathers have rights and they need to be upheld. Support this Soldier who has served our country.


Casey's Father I has set a Legal Defense fund Via PAYPAL, Please help Casey with his endeavor fighting the Michigan Court System to Claim Legal Custody, and or Visitation of his Daughters!!

All donations over and above Legal defense will be Donated to the Wounded Warriors Program!!

Make Donations to PAYPAL:

PLEASE FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK LINK BELOW!/SupportSgtGrayWithHisBattleForHisDaughters

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Recent signatures


    1. HR 4201 Stopped by the SENATE...

      Casey Gray
      Petition Organizer

      Just got off the phone with the SENATE Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Senator Patty Murray ( WA ) staff member. The SENATE ( Democratically controlled) has stopped HR 4201 in its tracks. I was told that they will be blocking the passage for this bill because it doesnt coincide with the best interest of children. Please explain to me how a child having both parents in their life isnt in the best interest of children. I Cannot believe that so many anti-father lobbyist groups are able to have so much control. Our country is falling apart at the seams. supporters?

    2. Reached 1,000 signatures
    3. {Follow our Blog}

      Casey Gray
      Petition Organizer

      For more detailed updates you can follow our blog below...
      Thanks for all of your support!

    4. Placed a call with Rep Michael Turner OH-3 (Author of HR 4201)

      Casey Gray
      Petition Organizer

      Trying to push for more support of case and let Rep Turner know that he has our full support and gratitude.

      Please do the same.

    5. Placed a call to Senator Rick Jones office today

      Casey Gray
      Petition Organizer

      Spoke with secretary and she is going to look into the petition and make sure the Senator is aware. Please feel free to do the same.

      Senator Rick Jones
      Office - (517) 373-3447

    6. Please take the time to mail the petition.

      Casey Gray
      Petition Organizer

      Please login and go to the petition letter tab and print the petition and mail it to your local congressman as well as to any and all that the petition is addressed to on the main page. There are 11 total. Something must be done to stop this judge!!!


      Casey Gray
      Petition Organizer

      Judge Pezzetti issued orders to have SGT Grays US Passport revoked. He has never missed a payment and always been on time. The judge authorized $450 USD in child care charged to SGT Gray even though the US Military provides child care through NACCRRA. Another Travesty and another way this judge is trying to financially handicap our wounded soldier.

    8. Congressman Conaway office phone call

      Casey Gray
      Petition Organizer

      I got a well recieved phone call from the Congressman Conaways office today. The staff is supportive of the cause and doing everything in their power to assist.

    9. Reached 500 signatures
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      Casey Gray
      Petition Organizer

      Please 'like' us on Facebook...

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    Reasons for signing

    • michael repkin CHICAGO, IL
      • 10 months ago

      I'm a vet

    • thomas vanlith PERRIS, CA
      • 12 months ago

      I,m going thru the same thing in California the family law sexually discrimination is causing murder suicides and creating dead beat dads because these people have the best jobs around that they are protecting all we hear about is how our schools lack funding while these people remain gainfully employed they now if it were an automatic 50/50 and no money involved women would stop using them and they'll have yo find real jobs. There is nobody to complain to or that will help (police FBI district attorney) all take same attitude when you question them,that say you are angry an I think you need anger management which drains more funds and I believe these people own stock or support these counselers quit let as an extra investment. I also feel these judgments are against my constitutional rights under the amendments it says the government cannot use a constituen taxes dollars against him as I had a house and job as any good parent should and she did not have either and they have put me in bankruptcy whit back support from the start even though I am they're support now I'm losing the investment I made for them twenty years hard labor down the Adrian thanks to these legal pimps could really use help 951 5057217 they won't even prosecute her from crimes she knowingly committed because they said women cost money to keep in jail while we can make men get jobs and actually make money off of you .a recent case in ca perfect example they want to give four men life sentences for human trafficking (new law 2013) two days of court and she admitts purgury and the won't prosecute.some needs to stop these scumbags from ruining men's and children's lives for they own personal gain.they takes these people off of welfare and make them think they have jobs to do now witnessed it twice personally

    • Adam Hardy COURTICE, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      As a serviceman myself in the Canadian army, my heart goes out to Sgt Gray and his awful situation. Here's hoping the "honorable" judge is removed from her position and a far more capable one placed in her stead. Stay strong brother.

    • Walter Galloway ALEXANDER, AR
      • over 1 year ago

      the sistuation sounds about the same in arkansas that i heard on the court recording

      • over 1 year ago



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