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NYS Attorney General
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Prevent sale of Cole painting "Portage Falls on the Genesee"

    1. Linda Guinn
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      Linda Guinn

      Auburn, NY

This painting was a gift to William Seward when he was Governor of NYS and is an important part of NYS history. It has hung in the Seward House in Auburn, NY for over 150 years. The Seward House and its contents were bequeathed to the Fred L. Emerson Foundation in William Seward III's will in 1951 "to be maintained by it as a memorial for my grandfather, William Seward, and for my father, Brigadier General William H. Seward". The Emerson Foundation maintained the Seward House from 1952-2008. In 2008 the Emerson Foundation transferred ownership of the house and all of the collection, except for the Cole painting, to the newly chartered Seward House Museum. The painting remained in the house, on loan, from 2008-2013. In February of 2013, the Emerson Foundation removed the Cole painting to an undisclosed location until such time when it would be sold and the profit shared with the Seward House Museum. Our organization, Seward Legacy Preservation, wants to prevent the sale of this painting and return it to its rightful home - the Seward House Museum.

Eric Schneiderman, NYS Attorney General
Andrew Cuomo, NYS Governor
Prevent sale of Cole painting "Portage Falls on the Genesee"

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    • David Gower AUBURN, NY
      • about 1 year ago

      The painting belongs here with the Seward House! What are they going to sell next the HOUSE!

    • Susan Hutchins AUBURN, NY
      • about 1 year ago

      If William Seward didn't want the painting it would not have been on the wall of his home, he would have sold it himself.

    • Deb Villano AUBURN, NY
      • about 1 year ago

      It is part of our history and should remain where it was intended to be.

    • Lisa Geisinger AUBURN, NY
      • about 1 year ago

      It belongs in The Seward House where it has hung proudly for many years.

    • Ruthann Jagge RIO MEDINA, TX
      • about 1 year ago

      The city of Auburn, NY is my hometown and I have friends and family there so I visit often. I truly believe that this painting is part of the "legacy" of the renowned and revered Seward House and I truly believe it belongs hanging IN museum and NOT sold for profit to be enjoyed and valued by future generations! We muct protect our history because without it, there is no future!


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