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Stop the High-Stakes Testing Madness

    1. Lori Chajet
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      Lori Chajet

      Brooklyn, NY

New York State recently passed a Teacher Evaluation Law that links Teacher’s evaluations to their students’ test scores. Parents across New York City are concerned that the new law will be detrimental to their children's education. We believe that:

  • The high-stakes of standardized tests within New York are already too high and have resulted in far too many resources and too much class time going to test preparation;
  • The tests and test prep lead to an increased level of anxiety among many students;
  • The standardized tests children take were not designed to evaluate teachers or whole schools, but rather to assess individual student progress and for instructional purposes;
  • When these tests are used as a tool for teacher and whole-school evaluation it leads to inaccurate data and results in a further narrowing of the curriculum.


We want our children to have the opportunity to learn, to think critically, to engage in meaningful relationships with teachers, and to have have positive school experiences. After witnessing the ways in which New York City's Teacher Data Reports used flawed data to make inaccurate judgments of teachers, and to publically humiliate teachers, we are clear that we do not want this repeated on a state level.


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      Lori Chajet
      Petition Organizer

      I wanted to let you know about an important event next week. Public school parents from across the city are gathering outside the headquarters of test publisher Pearson to protest excessive and misguided testing in the public schools.The demonstration is taking place on THURSDAY, JUNE 7 at 11AM at 1330 6th Avenue – we are gathering on the corner of 53rd street and 6th avenue.

      We all saw this year how bad the tests are, with ridiculous questions like “The Pineapple and the Hare.” And yet no one takes responsibility. The New York State Education Department has turned over control of the education system to a private for-profit company with no accountability and no oversight

      It’s time for parents, educators and concerned citizens to say, enough is enough! We want a rich curriculum for our kids – not “teaching to the test.” We believe in our children and our schools, and refuse to continue to stand by silently as they are overwhelmed by more and more standardized testing.

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    • Lisa Edwards HAMBURG, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      I do not wish my child to participate in standardized achievement testing for promotion or school/state report cards or teacher evaluation. I believe such testing to be unjust, counter-productive, and harmful to the education and development of my child. This stand is based upon my conscientious objection to the State using an arbitrary measure to make high-stakes decisions about my child with disregard to the input of this school district’s educational professionals. It is unjust to promote or retain my child based upon a one-time assessment when more authentic, reliable, and less harmful methods are available. Such methods include, but are not limited to, anecdotal teacher feedback, assignment grades, exhibitions, portfolios, grade point averages, and the average of multiple traditional assessments. As a parent/guardian I consider the education and development of my child a chief responsibility and priority. Timed, one-chance tests subject my child to possible humiliation and failure without regard to variables in context or circumstances affecting performance on the day of testing. My child has a right to an education that is free of arbitrary constraints predicated on a one-size-fits-all testing program—especially when trained educational professionals are present and able to make decisions. Public school teachers, counselors, and administrators, as agents of the State, should have the final authority on whether to promote or retain my child. Ultimately, the State is required to provide my child an education in a least restrictive environment. My child should proceed to learn and develop at his or her own pace with peers under the guidance of education professionals. The State oversteps its bounds and does a disservice to the public when it ignores professionals in local schools, arbitrarily making educational decisions based solely upon standardized tests.

    • Deirdre Mahoney NEW YORK, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Since when have teachers become "bad guys?" Why can't they be allowed to get down to the business of teaching--rather than focusing only on teaching students how to pass tests? It's in everyone's interest that students receive the entire, diverse curriculum that will serve them throughout life, not just to pass a test. And if they don't pass, perhaps it's because of personal issues, disabilities, or problems with studying... Parents and medical staff don't get "evaluated" if a child has an undiagnosed physical or psychological problem, why should teachers be singled out?

    • Sheryl Goodwin OLD ORCHARD BEACH, ME
      • over 2 years ago

      I signed petitions and talked to anyone who would care even before these tests were started.

      Unfortunately, the tests were shoved onto our children, my own being the very first to have to pass before graduating, and a son who had to do so 4 years later.

      The schools were ill pre-paired to administer the tests, the students were stressing out, it was time away from real teaching, and was an added expense for what I see is no gain.

      The teachers are teaching to the test and so critical thinking skills are lost and if I had not supplemented my children's education at home this test taking would of denied them a better education.

      Instead of truly fixing an issue that does exist this made a situation even worse. This is what happens when you have Administrators or some others thinking up things rather than asking those in the field, The Teachers.

      From a parent who has been there, two children who suffered through it, listening to teachers who did their best but knew this wasn't the way. I say.....


    • Joelle Held BROOKLYN, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      If a 3rd grade child is contracting migraines, throwing up and having to leave school in anticipation of a bubble test, something is truly wrong with the testing model. This is happening all over. These tests replace a love of learning with anxiety and fear. It has to change.

    • John Halle RED HOOK, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      As the Vermont Farmer said, "You don't fatten the lambs by weighing them."


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