NSW Health: Improve the food in NSW Hospitals
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NSW Health: Improve the food in NSW Hospitals

    1. lee holmes
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      lee holmes

      Sydney, Australia

I'm issuing a challenge to the NSW Health Minister. The food I saw being served to my brother-in-law in hospital was truly shocking -- so can the Minister of Health live off hospital food being served in her own public hospitals?

My brother-in-law Paul is suffering from small cell lung cancer. The diagnosis has devastated Paul, his partner, our whole family. We're all doing everything we can do care for him. Everything. So why is the hospital giving him food that is not nutritious, unappetizing, and actually hindering his progress?

"I was given food which not only tasted repulsive but made me feel sicker than I already was, every day was offered pre-packaged processed desserts, custards, Arnotts biscuits, white bread and instant potato which made me constipated."

The food in our hospitals is severely lacking in basic nutrition. It's highly processed and contains artificial chemicals, preservatives and additives as well as inflammatory refined sugars and refined salt. Something needs to be done so Paul and other patients' recovery isn't ever impeded like this.

I'm challenging the NSW Minister of Health Jillian Skinner live off hospital food for 4 days-- the average length of hospital stay in NSW. Find out first-hand what patients are presented with, show us you understand the importance of giving patients nutritious, healthy food.

If there is anyone in our society who should know the importance of good food and nutrition it is those in charge of our health service. The failure to provide nutritious, appetizing, unprocessed food in NSW Public Hospitals is indefensible and will cost the government more in the long run.

It is my hope that the outcome of the challenge would be that a review is conducted on the current NSW public hospital food policy.

  • An immediate review of public hospital food policy

  • New mandatory standards for nutritional content

  • A 20% reduction in the use of processed and packaged foods

  • A 20% increase in the use of fresh fruit and vegetables

  • One meal per day to be fresh and unprocessed

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    • Leanne Mok AUSTRALIA
      • 12 days ago

      I have coeliac disease & a lot of digestive problems. A healthy diet is important part of staying well & believe hospital should be serving the most nutritious food they can. As Hippocrates said "Let Food be thy Medicine"

    • jess foo NEWPORT, AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 month ago

      It does not make sense for our health system to be adding to the burden of disease and malaise of the patients.

    • Anna Patsiouras AUSTRALIA
      • 3 months ago

      I have always been completely confused as to why the food in hospitals is so nutrient poor and lifeless. People in hospital are in dire need of rich nutrition to help their bodies in the process of healing. I understand cost and time are a factor however I am positive there is a way to make better quality food for the same price. On visiting a friend in hospital recently we had a discussion about how it would even be possible to make food that is so taste and lifeless. You cannot find food of this poor quality anywhere else anymore, even plane food is better than what they are serving in hospitals! It's time for a review NSW health!

    • Deborah Thoompson AUSTRALIA
      • 3 months ago

      We are some of the most obese and sickest people in the industrialised world. We are being told we need to change our eating habits to include more fresh foods and we have people who are already compromised and our leading "authorities" are unable to feed people in a way that fits In with their directives!

      • 3 months ago

      I spend a lot of time in hospital.


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