To maintain Council’s local planning powers
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To maintain Council’s local planning powers

    1. Strathfield  Council
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      Strathfield Council

      Strathfield, Australia

The NSW Government's Green Paper - A new planning system for NSW proposes changes to planning laws which have major implications for the planning process and both Council and the community’s role in decision making of local developments.

Critical implications of the Green Paper proposals include:
· Councils will have reduced decision making role in developments
· Elected Councillors will have reduced decision making role
· Increased role of planning panels
· Extension of exempt and complying development types will reduce the role of councils in the development process and the ability for the community to provide input into the process.

In accordance with Strathfield Council resolution 7 August 2012, the following petition has been organised for residents’ signatures in support of local planning powers remaining local.

Strathfield Council encourages all local community members with an interest in the planning and development of the Strathfield area to review the Green Paper and provide the NSW Government with comments and/ or sign the petition below.

The State Government’s Green Paper and supporting information is available at with submissions being accepted until 14 September 2012.

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    Reasons for signing

      • about 2 years ago

      Localdecisins need to be made locally. Too much big party politics in local government disenfranchises community and local ratepayers and is unaccountaable

    • John Byrnes BURWOOD, AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      I, John Byrnes of and PO Box 121 Burwood 1805, wish to add my name as generally supporting all the views which Cr Helen McLucas can be found to have stated earlier herein, on this petition webpage.

      I strongly support the principle that local planning powers should remain local. I have been trying to research the history of similar prior policies which Councils have complained about as "stripping" them of their planning or jurisdictive powers in areas slated for major/large construction/development investments - such as the somewhat notorious "Part 3A". I have been looking for any published, or unpublished, policy studies or analyses of such things - or for anyone who even has references to such.

      So far my search has not been very fruitful on this, but it is continuing.

      Also, from what I have seen to date (on cases scattered over the entire greater Sydney region) I have not been satisfied that the supposedly "independent experts" who the State Government appoints to regional "Planning Panels" or the like (as alternative to Local Councils making decisions) truly are independent.

      • about 2 years ago

      The local residents need to be able to maintain their independence, their right to a democratic voice, their voice which needs to be heard. The more layers of bureuacracy, the harder it is for us to get to know, to understand and to have a say in what we feel is important to us. The Strathfield Council is located in the heart of Strathfield. It is close to home and it is accessible. Until I moved here, I have never been involved in Council matters. I feel that if the deciding authority is moved to a panel of outsiders, they will be disconnected to the local residents. They may also be influenced by other factors, by developers, by people with more power and more money. We do not want our right to a voice in our own suburb to be overtaken by a panel which we have not voted for, who do not know us and who may have a different agenda to us.

    • daniel lia CONCORD WEST, AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      Because residents should have a greater say in local developments.

      • about 2 years ago

      The current inconsistent development in the community has no regard for infrastructure and planning.


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