Stop the Potential Poisoning of Customers with Toxic Displays
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Lynda Berrios, Marketing and Community Relations
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Stop the Potential Poisoning of Customers with Toxic Displays

    1. Tamara Rubin Lead Safe America
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      Tamara Rubin Lead Safe America

      Portland, OR

Building components (like windows, doors, columns and trim) that have been removed from historic structures and are covered with peeling lead paint are not "Art" - or even frames for art. These components have been removed from homes because the are covered in HAZARDOUS levels of lead paint and lead paint dust. Unfortunately these items are being reused and resold instead of being disposed of as hazardous waste.

It just takes a microscopic amount of lead dust to poison a child.

Food establishments and other retailers all over the country are hanging these building components in their establishments as art or frames for art. While some could argue  this is okay as long as they are not being hung in play-areas for children, an eating establishment should be an exception, especially one that is a specialty store for organic and healthy natural foods.

Whole Foods in Novato, California has hung a display of peeling chipping (potentially lead painted) windows directly over their bakery department. On our facebook page you can see photos of this display of historic windows and doors hanging over carts of freshly baked bread.

Please sign this petition to demand that Whole Foods, Novato serve as a role model for food establishments all over the country by taking down this window display immediately.

It would take just one tiny paint chip falling off of one of those windows - landing on one of those rolls which is then eaten by a child - for the child to be severely poisoned for life. Any other Whole Foods supplier would not be allowed to sell potentially contaminated food, why should they be allowed to potentially contaminate the food they prepare on the premises? Lead poisoning causes permanent brain damage that leads to learning disabilities, behavioral disorders and a lifetime of health challenges. Please go to our facebook page (above), our film's web page or our 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation or my personal advocacy website for more information. If you would like a free test kit to test your home or child's daycare for lead, contact me directly at Thank you.

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    1. Waiting to hear from Whole Foods...

      Tamara Rubin Lead Safe America
      Petition Organizer

      Hello all - Thank you for signing this petition! Whole Foods has responded and is making an inquiry as to whether or not these were actually contaminated windows or not and if this has already been addressed by their construction team. Frank - the Marketing Manager of the Novato Whole Foods said he expects to have an answer by later today. Thanks again for supporting this and helping to get immediate results and raise awareness on this level. Tamara

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      • over 2 years ago

      My kids had lead poisoning and it literally takes such a small amount to poison a child. 21% of kids with ADHD actually have lead poisoning. We need to get this under control!

    • Arik Moreno SAN DIEGO, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Should not knowingly and unnecessarily exposé anyone to lead, especially not in a retail food establishment.

    • Paula Mine HINGHAM, MA
      • over 2 years ago

      Why would any food establishment EVER use old doors and windows in a display that hangs OVER food! You wouldn't hang peanut plants over your bread for fear of one child getting a chip of peanut, but you hang lead paint covered doors and windows? Incredible.


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