North Andover High School: Drop Erin Cox's Suspension and Reinstate Her As Team Captain
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North Andover High School: Drop Erin Cox's Suspension and Reinstate Her As Team Captain

    1. Cheresa Reynolds
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      Cheresa Reynolds

      Louisville, KY

Seventeen year old Erin Cox, an honor student and captain of her school's women's volleyball team, was stripped of her title and suspended from five games recently.

Cox, of North Andover, Massachusetts, recently received a call from a drunk friend to pick her up at a party. Sober, she drove over to the house where it was being held-- just as the police showed up. While Officer Brian Neeley later vouched for her, stating that she was sober, the school system still felt compelled to punish her. Why?

The school system has a zero tolerance policy with respect to drugs and alcohol. Cox was proven to be sober and did not have any alcohol in her possession at the time of the incident, but she was a minor around others using it. Just being on site around others who were using was grounds for punishment.

Punishing Cox for being a responsible, loyal friend who would be a designated driver for someone who needed one isn't right. North Andover High School, in making an example of Cox, risks suggesting to its student body that being a designated driver is the wrong choice-- despite countless academic studies showing the extent to which this behavior saves lives.

Sign this petition and urge North Andover High School to correct this injustice and review their policy.



Kevin Hutchinson Ed.D., Superintendent, North Andover Public Schools
Drop Erin Cox's Suspension and Reinstate Her As Team Captain!

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    • Carly Martinez WEST COVINA, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      we need more great friends and awesome teenagers as examples! thank you for standing up for what is correct, way to go girl! This may be a set back now, but your time will come to be rewarded for your awesome deeds! I am proud of you!

    • Adam Guyette DERBY, VT
      • about 1 year ago

      School should never be allowed to punish for things outside of their area, their abilities, and also the private lives of students...

    • Dave Haseleu CORAOPOLIS, PA
      • about 1 year ago

      The school's poor decision to punish this teen is unfair to the student and sends a terrible message to others.

    • Josh Trujillo CLAYTON, NC
      • about 1 year ago

      I was at a graduation party, my friend got too drunk and the parents told him to leave. He did that night and for good:

      What Erin did was right. I have young children, eventually they will be in the same situation. I would expect them to be a good friend and stop their friend from driving drunk.

      Whoever is enforcing this at the school should be removed from their position to get a prospective on the real world.

      We know underage drinking is an issue, but don't punish someone when they did the right thing.

    • Chris Shepard MEDFORD, OR
      • about 1 year ago

      Morons should not make and

      enforce policies.


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