Non-Profit; Eagle Quest of Nevada, Inc. Concealed Child Abuse & Medical Neglect; under Medicaid Funding at $670 per Day
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Stephen Coffield
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Non-Profit; Eagle Quest of Nevada, Inc. Concealed Child Abuse & Medical Neglect; under Medicaid Funding at $670 per Day

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Here we have a non-profit enrichening themselves on the tax-payer's dime while simultaneously abusing the youth it claims it's treating. Eagle Quest, operated by Ray & Linda Tibbetts and John & Yoko Shute, who both have large Mormon families who were all employed by Eagle Quest, didn’t give a lick about the wellbeing of other parent’s children as long as the cash rolled in on the Hero’s Journey, a bogus six-week wilderness experience that fleeced the taxpayer of $30,000 per youth with over 200 youth “served”.

Being Mormon, also meant that the minimum qualifications for the job were waived.

What if you were a Mandatory Reporter, and you believed that if you reported severe medical neglect & abuse, that you would be fired; would you still report?

What if the employer then concocted stories of sexual abuse of female minors to attack the mandatory reporter and never reported the alleged "sexual abuse" to licensing authorities?---meet, Eagle Quest--where no child is safe, abuse, neglect, and warehousing them are very profitable.

Enabling Eagle Quest, is Nevada OSHA, who in 2009, were sanctioned for a variety of  deficiencies (see Las Vegas Sun article below)  Eagle Quest’ fraud coupled with Nevada OSHA' incompetencies, were the perfect storm to continue the concealment of child abuse, mandatory reporters requirements and unlawfully fired employees.

Help protect Nevada Childcare Worker's who are statutorily required by State & Federal law to report child abuse and medical neglect.

As the Penn state scandal unfolds it's very clear why we have reporting requirements; to protect Youth.

 All staff on the Hero’s Journey were Recreational Health Specialists

 Eagle Quest had created a culture on the Hero’s Journey that “whatever happens on the Mt. stays on the mountain” thus youth with frostbite, pink eye, and a vaginal infection were all denied medical treatment.

Eagle Quest also failed to treat three female minors from Heat Stroke, who were unconscious for an hour plus. Eagle Quest coerced staff to not report.  EQ abandoned minors in the desert with no food, water, shelter, clothing or medical care, for over 24 hours and then lied about it.

Worker’s of Nevada can’t count on State OSHA to protect US. By signing this position this concealment of child abuse will be revealed and perhaps OSHA can be highlighted again for subverting the ACT’s protections.


1) " We had the pleasure of serving over 200 clients in the past two years and have successfully provided each youth with an amazing outdoor experience that will be unforgettable"

2) Feds’ appraisal of Nevada OSHA practices damning (Las Vegas Sun Oct. 24, 2009)

"The report further found that workers in Nevada OSHA’s offices were ill-prepared for their jobs. Some longtime employees, it noted, had never taken the most basic training courses" This report is a confirmation of the deep problems that exist in that state plan."

“Looking back, we should have taken a more aggressive approach,” said Donald Jayne, the new head of the state Industrial Relations Division, which oversees the agency. “That’s an easy call.”

Stephen Coffield, the newly installed chief administrative officer of Nevada OSHA, said the agency will review its policy toward finding willful violations.

NOTE: Jayne, Coffield and the governor's appointee, Terry Johnson, won't authorize a lawful investigation; business as usual at Nevada OSHA

3) Ken Atha Regional Director of Federal OSHA Region Vll    April 28, 2011  OSHA's 40th Anniversary:  Excerpts " employer's have legal obligation to protect worker's" "supportive voices rally for action" "relentless committment to safety"

4) Nevada Governor Brian Sandavol and First Lady Kathleen Sandoval; have children in the age range of the youth that were medically neglected. The state has an invested interest in protecting youth that a Nevada judge or commissioner have removed from the home for their protections.

5) Nevada Attorney General, Catherine Cortez Masson,  "When a provider of health-care cheats the system, the MFCU investigates. Providers include hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, doctors, dentists, and anyone else who is paid by Medicaid for a health-care service. It is a crime for a provider to bill Medicaid for a service not actually provided."



Please support these two petitions addressing the civil, due process and education rights of foster youth..




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      Youth that are exposed to Eagle Quest, are often times from low income struggling families and this combined with Eagle Quest' concealment of medical neglect and child abuse makes petitions like this important in exposing Eagle Quest & Nevada OSHA; who is thwarting the federal labor act so non profits like Eagle Quest can remain unaccountable while "treating" at-risk youth.

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    • Chris Cowden PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      This calls for an investigation!

      • almost 3 years ago

      Thank you for drawing this petition. Similarly in Utah JobCorps in Clearfield allows abuse to youth and despite reports to authorities, snail action is observed.

      • almost 3 years ago

      it breaks my heart to know children suffer such horrors thank you to all of you that have the courage to stand up and speak out against such crimes

    • Matthew Potts SAN MARCOS, TX
      • almost 3 years ago

      This is Common Sense

    • Heather H. PRIVATE, AL
      • almost 3 years ago

      Anything to help children. Let's stop the circle of abuse! Please help the One Party Movement Against Abuse movement and help stop abusers in their tracks!!


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