Nominate Elizabeth Warren to Protect Main St, Sheriff Wall St!
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Nominate Elizabeth Warren to Protect Main St, Sheriff Wall St!

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      Americans for Financial Reform

For years, Professor Elizabeth Warren has been fighting on behalf of consumers and pointing out the need for a federal agency to protect consumers from dangerous financial products.

Now, we're finally going to get those protections through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and we need Elizabeth Warren at the helm.

Click here to read more about the new agency.

In order to be effective, the CFPB needs to be run by the most experienced, effective, and independent person around, and we think that Elizabeth Warren fits the bill.

The rappers in this Western-style music video agree, and call for "Sheriff Warren" to stand up for consumers!

The banks are fighting hard to make sure Elizabeth Warren doesn't get this job - they are worried that with her in place, the CFPB will actually be able to create change.  Don't let the big banks win - ask President Obama to nominate Elizabeth Warren as CFPB director today!

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    1. Incompetence a Major Plus in the Hunt for a Consumer Protection Bureau Head

      It's really one of the themes of the Great Recession.
      Someone identifies a problem and all the many ways it could have been prevented or at least limited with more rigorous regulation. Then, someone points out the policies Congress is considering to...


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